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Art is Dead: Artists Choose Censorship Over Free Expression

As more artists are choosing censorship over freedom of expression, Spotify has found a solution: They will now attach a disclaimer to “controversial” podcasts and songs that question the national narrative. Who decides what’s controversial? Well… the government, of course.

The corrupt elites are watching as we the people literally divide ourselves over celebrities. While there is nothing new about being interested in your favorite artists’ political views, this phenomenon seems to have been jumped into hyperdrive after Neil Young demanded that Spotify remove his entire catalog of music if they wish to continue their $100 million contract with Joe Rogan. I would take a wild guess and assume that Spotify would have removed the Joe Rogan Experience if it were Rogan who gave the platform the ultimatum, but logic and reasoning are no longer welcome in our public debates.

Following Young’s cancellation, there were rumors that Barry Manilow was also providing Spotify with an ultimatum. The radical leftists applauded on their social media profiles as another musician publicly called for tyrannical censorship. The only issue… Barry Manilow never gave Spotify an ultimatum nor is he interested in getting involved with the politics at play. Upon learning this, the woke mob decided they would boycott both Spotify and Manilow.

Unsurprisingly, Joni Mitchell, another Canadian singer and song-writer, does plan to actually give Spotify the ultimatum to choose between the Joe Rogan Experience and her catalog of music, and Spotify will likely respect her demands and remove her songs. Mitchell, who was once another voice of protest, plans to engage in the same censorship practices that corrupt dictators would utilize to oppress their people. Once again, Twitter’s left is pretending to have always enjoyed Mitchell’s music and plan to boycott Spotify if her catalog of songs is removed.

On the flip side, the right is pretending there isn’t at least one Joni Mitchell song they secretly enjoy. They’re acting like “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World” and “Heart of Gold” weren’t at least once enjoyable songs from Young. When did our tastes in music become directly correlated to our political beliefs?

Personally, I can’t stand the politics of many of the artists I enjoy. I don’t turn on music to engage in the national narrative; I turn music on to escape reality. Many musical artists do lean left, which means they’re not very familiar with reality. That doesn’t mean they’re not capable of producing music worth listening to. Can we please go back to the days where we didn’t grant celebrities so much influence in the political realm?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless if you agree or disagree. This push to remove Joe Rogan is absolutely absurd. The people who hate Joe Rogan the most are the people who have never listened to an entire episode of his podcast. Admittedly, they are long, and younger generations don’t have the attention spans to listen to a four hour podcast. Instead, they listen to a few clips posted by their liberal heroes and determine that Rogan doesn’t deserve a voice in the national conversation.

Now, Spotify is requiring Rogan to include a disclaimer before the beginning of each “controversial” issue as it relates to COVID-19. Disclaimers are mild forms of censorship, but censorship nonetheless. When a disclaimer is attached to something warning that information “may be” inaccurate, it discredits the speakers involved in the content. Twitter and Facebook love using disclaimers as a way to warn against misinformation, whether it relates to COVID-19, the “Big Lie,” or anything they feel that they need to insert their corporate values on.

Another absurdity that has been produced out of all this celebrity drama is that Twitter users were fighting over Bruce Springsteen and Ted Nugent early Saturday morning. They were treating the subject as if we had to choose between the two. They cited how Springsteen has won a number of awards and Nugent has not, as if winning awards from a liberally controlled industry is a sign of success. Why can’t we live in a world with both Ted Nugent and Bruce Springsteen?

There are also rumors that more artists are planning to leave Spotify if the streaming platform continues their contract with Joe Rogan. It’s becoming somewhat of a hostage situation. The music industry is largely controlled by the left. As a music streaming platform that also provides podcasts, Spotify heavily relies on streaming liberal artists. Hypothetically, if enough were to rise up and boycott against Spotify, they could either remove Rogan or destroy Spotify as a platform.

That’s ridiculous, right? How has Joe Rogan become the enemy of the people when Dr. Anthony Fauci has publicly admitted to lying about the pandemic? How is Joe Rogan the face of misinformation when the CDC told us that cloth masks work for two years to later come out and say they don’t? Fauci wasn’t questioning the pandemic; he demanded we respect his expertise. The CDC wasn’t questioning mask efficacy; they demanded we respect their expertise. Joe Rogan questions the national narrative, invites guests on who question the dictated script, and never demands we respect his expertise. Instead, he earns our respect.

Rogan has been wrong on a number of occasions. For some odd reason, those occasions are more notable to the left than the times that Fauci– the highest paid government employee in American history– has lied to the American people. We need to get our priorities straight if we’re ever going to have a serious conversation with each other. If we can’t communicate… we’re far more divided than we know.

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