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Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength

Does anyone else find it odd that the mainstream media is more focused on canceling free-thinkers like Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, and Bill Maher than they are with uncovering Jeffrey Epstein’s associates? While one group is simply asking difficult questions, the latter engaged in unforgivable acts with children. Who’s more dangerous to society?

We need to wake up to the fact that the mainstream media and the elites in Washington don’t want us to have the capability of thinking for ourselves. A free mind is dangerous to tyrannical rulers. Lately, free-thinkers have been targeted as “sources of misinformation” by the mainstream and political establishment. People like Joe Rogan and Russell Brand, who host podcasts that dare to ask questions, are being painted as enemies of the state.

This has to be absurd to more people than just me, rights? Russell Brand, who is known for rambunctious personality, hosts a podcast on YouTube where he thinks out loud. His show, Under the Skin, appears to really be getting under people’s skin. His commentary is very well researched and he is not afraid to change his stance in light of new evidence. This is a very important characteristic of a free thinker.

Joe Rogan, host of The Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify, is no stranger to controversy, though it never seems like he’s seeking the public spotlight. Rogan hosts guests and has three-hour discussions on current events, MMA, or whatever topic that comes to mind. At no point does Rogan claim to be an expert. He does, however, research his material before presenting. While he has been proven to be wrong in the past, he’s not afraid to be wrong and continues to ask questions that others won’t. This is another important characteristic of a free thinker.

We need free thinkers now more than ever. Neither Rogan or Brand identify as conservatives, yet the mainstream media has painted them as far-right Republicans. They have done nothing but question the national narrative and poke holes in the dictated script. They have illuminated the inconsistencies many of us have already recognized in public policy, the culture, and world affairs.

It’s also fair to note that the mainstream media believes that painting Rogan and Brand as “far-right Republicans” discredits what they have to say. Being conservative is not synonymous with being wrong. Being conservative largely suggests you understand how economies operate and that the government literally does not have the ability to create wealth out of thin air…but that’s beside the point.

The left has created a corrupt partnership with the mainstream media to destroy anybody’s career that dares to question what they’re being told. Our government demands that we believe everything that they say without question. That’s not how a fully functioning democracy operates.

Bill Maher is another example of a Democrat who is being mislabeled by the woke mainstream media to discredit his questions, comments, and concerns. Bill Maher identifies as a classical liberal who absolutely loathes former President Donald Trump. However, he’s also a free-speech advocate who recognizes that the liberal mob has deviated from their original principles.

Why did we ever expect anything more from the mainstream media. We have these high hopes that they will one day remain objective, but we know, deep down, that they are working against us. American heroes like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden were destroyed by the federal government for exposing their lies to the American people.

I used to see Democrats as the party of free speech. Many classical liberals like Maher use to invite people to cross the line. Being offensive was welcomed in comedy, music, and art. Now, the left is committed to prosecuting anyone who toes the line, even if the intent is to seek the truth.

Somewhere along the way we stopped engaging with opposing ideas and adopting our views as concrete. In order to grow as individuals and as a society, we must engage with people who disagree with us. If we can’t have civil dissent, then how will we ever know when we’re wrong?

We shouldn’t be afraid to be wrong, especially not in the land of the free. The marketplace of ideas operates on a trial and error basis. In order to achieve the truth, we need to be able to speculate and consider theories without them being tagged by Big-Tech as misinformation.

Rogan, Brand, and Maher are interested in the truth, regardless of what it may be. They use their platforms to ask questions that many of us are afraid to ask. They set emotions and any unrealistic expectations aside and focus on discovering the truth.

We deserve the truth.

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