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Influencers Promote New Product: Propaganda

With faith in the mainstream media at an all time low, the White House has turned to Tik Tok influencers to sell the government’s propaganda.

It should bother more people that the Biden White House orchestrated a Zoom meeting with 30 Tik Tok stars to “brief” them on the Russia-Ukraine War. They justified this absurd meeting of the minds by claiming that millions of Americans get their news from popular Tik Tok creators. While this is likely true, why is the White House set on controlling the narrative to the extent where they are influencing online influencers?

It’s not the job of Tik Tok stars to report the news. To be honest, I’m not really sure what their job is, but I can tell you that they’re not all qualified journalists who have learned to thoroughly research both sides of a story. In fact, they’re more likely to repeat whatever gets them the most views because that’s the nature of their industry.

As many of you already know, and many of you blindly deny, the mainstream news media is largely controlled by the Washington establishment. Their reporting relies on press releases, conferences, and whatever comes out of Joe Biden’s mouth. They have become part of the corrupt Washington machine by repeating what they’re told. I’m sure they enjoy monetary compensation for their compliance.

Numbers don’t lie. Mainstream news media audiences have significantly declined since Trump was ousted from office. Now, they’re resorting back to an old technique with a new twist. Instead of creating industry plants out of thin air, the White House has turned to established internet sensations to spread their propaganda.

These people are already loved and trusted by the millions of fans who watch their every video. The internet influencers have more influence than the fake news media. That’s why brands are rushing to online influencers to help sell their products: They know that people will buy whatever their favorite Tik Tok star promotes.

In fact, the government knows this too. Jen Psaki already admitted that the White House colluded with Facebook to combat misinformation, and Facebook has all the data they need to prove that people do what the internet tells them to do. Through the use of mass data collection and expanding federal government power, the private and public sector have found a way to produce their desired results by making us believe we want the same thing.

They are manipulating the American people and are using tax-payer dollars to organize. Why are they briefing Tik Tok stars on the situation in Ukraine? Are the American people too stupid to do their own research? If so, isn’t this a reflection of our public education system? If we’re so stupid that the government has to employ teenagers from Tik Tok to “correctly inform” us of what’s going on, then perhaps it’s time to consider school choice programs… but I’m getting off topic.

This is setting a dangerous precedent. The government is no longer a responsible institution that does what’s in the best interest of the people they represent. It’s a multi-trillion dollar industry where everybody involved is trying to get their share. We should always be questioning the government’s motives, especially when they’re using our forms of entertainment as propaganda.

I’ll admit I’m not fully informed on the situation in Ukraine. It’s difficult to know everything about everything, though there seem to be plenty of people on the internet who are all-around experts. I would take a bet and guess that the 30 Tik Tok stars who attended the White House Zoom call were not invited because of their expertise, but because of their influence.

Our government is run by winners of multiple popularity contests. These people are not experts, because experts don’t make for the best politicians. Experts know the correct solutions. They don’t compromise due to the political climate. Influencers are not experts on issues such as public health, the Ukraine-Russia war, or the 2020 election. However, they are experts at knowing how to engage with millions of people at a time, and that’s all the government needs to know.

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