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Majority of Americans Agree, Cancel Culture is Problematic

It’s dangerous when you start telling people they can’t have an opinion on something. You don’t cancel someone, you engage with someone

-Alan Carr

A new poll conducted amongst registered voters this month found that most Americans overwhelmingly agree that cancel culture has gone too far. Finally, something we can all agree on. Cancel culture has been worse for Americans than COVID-19, it’s actually surprising that our government didn’t use the phenomena as an excuse to shut down the entire country and destroy small businesses.

According to the Hill-HarrisX poll, cancel culture no longer seems to be a partisan issue. Of the 930 polled, 71 percent responded that cancel culture has gone too far. Of the Republicans polled, 76 percent either strongly or somewhat agreed that cancel culture has gone too far, with 70 percent and 68 percent of Independents failing to disagree.

There is still a sizable minority who argues that cancel culture has either gone a little too far, or not at all. These people are the ones being heard loudly and clearly by the media. The vocal minority has always been responsible for cancel culture, and this recent poll proves it. Some may think the mob crossed the line when they singled in on comedian Dave Chappelle, but I think the mob crossed the line long before.

The fight to cancel cancel culture is important because the mob is interfering with the marketplace of ideas in the worst way imaginable. If you’re courageous enough to speak out against the national narrative, you get cancelled. If you have beliefs that differ from the dictated script and you don’t voice them out of fear of losing your career, the mob has been successful in chilling your speech.

Those that continue to deny cancel culture’s existence are either not paying attention or suffering from a serious case of cognitive dissonance. Aaron Rodgers is the perfect example: He’s a beloved NFL quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and uses his celebrity to push American services. Nobody had a reason to dislike him, unless, of course you are a Chicago Bears fan or a member of the team. It wasn’t until Rodgers spoke out against the woke mob that his vaccination status became an issue.

Cancel culture has absolutely gone too far, and I am happy to see that a majority of us agree. I was starting to think I was alone in thinking this has all become more than just a bit absurd. Consider what we could achieve if we allowed everyone a seat at the table, not just a group of people from around the world all agreeing on everything all the time. Diversity of thought is important but is becoming nonexistent as more people are afraid to speak out. We have a right to hear these people out, and the fight to end cancel culture will not end until we can.

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