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Media, Where You At?

"Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else's game."

-Evita Ochel

For as long as I have known the media, they have never been afraid to cover a story as long as they could sensationalize it enough to sell to their audiences. They’ve covered personal affairs, politician-penis pictures, and one time they even tracked an untraceable plane for days on end as news sat in a dry spell.

The media reserves a special right within the First Amendment because they are, in theory, an informative resource. As of lately, I’d argue that they’re a business, making them a form of entertainment, but that’s a discussion for another time. The media has made their point loud and clear on race, gender, religion, school shootings, riots, and a number of debatable topics. However, they’re appearing to remain strangely quiet on one topic in general that audiences demand they cover: child pedophilia.

It’s almost more taboo to talk about child pedophilia and the acts of sexual violance committed by members of our elite than it is to be a child pedophile in this current culture. Where is the media coverage for the Ghislaine Maxwell trial? Why is nobody at CNN, MSNBC, or FOX News concerned with what she was involved with?

For those of you who don’t already know, Maxwell aided and embedded Epstein in his quest for sexual favors from younger women. She is accused of grooming the women, luring them into Epstein’s home, and oftentimes joining Epstein in the criminal, disgusting act. There are mountains of evidence, dating back to the 1990s. I had a roommate after I graduated from grad school in 2016 who was talking about Epstein’s pedophile island before the media ever touched it. Epstein wasn’t arrested until three years later.

Imagine that. There was an entire island where a private jet flew many of our “trusted elites,” and the media completely missed it? My roommate was considered a “conspiracy theorist” for believing there was an island where elite members of society engaged in criminal sexual activity with underage children. You can’t have an island for a service like child sex trafficking if there isn’t a booming market for it. Epstein wasn’t wealthy because he’s brilliant like Elon Musk, he was wealthy because he assumed the risk and was compensated for it. Why else would he have “hung himself” in prison?

The media is not required by the First Amendment to cover any stories they don’t feel comfortable covering…I put this in here for my know-it-all liberal friends who educate me daily on what free speech is to them. It’s suspicious, to say the least, that they refuse to cover a story that we would all agree is tragic and demands our intention. Instead they waste their air time running stories about what it's like to be a minority and walk outside.

We watched Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial for weeks. We followed Gabby Petito’s disappearance from start to end, then followed as they searched for her boyfriend. Many anxiously anticipated the results of the Jussie Smollet trial. All of this when there’s an obvious profitable human trafficking ring being run and protected by many members of our elites. It’s really no longer a conspiracy theory. Many of the theories have panned out to be true. The media’s lack of coverage should raise suspicion, and we should demand more from them.

How can we trust the media when there’s an obvious story demanding coverage, yet they refuse to touch it. The mainstream controls the information. They can manipulate what angers us at one time. Summer of 2020, we were angry about racist police. Summer of 2021, we were angry at the people who refused to get vaccinated. They know that covering Maxwell’s trial will make us angry at the elites. If we’re angry at the elites, we might finally wake up.

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