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Protection for the Unborn or Permission for Murder?

Nebraska recently passed a bill banning abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy, prompting a debate about the rights and protections afforded to unborn children. While this legislation is an important step toward protecting life, it still fails to recognize that life begins at conception and provides little protection for those in their earliest stages of development.

In a momentous step toward protecting the sanctity of life, Nebraska recently passed a ban on abortion after 12 weeks. While this is undoubtedly a significant stride in the right direction, we must acknowledge that life begins at conception, and our laws should reflect this fundamental truth.

As "the science" they used to demand you lock down your businesses and distance yourself from dying relatives has demonstrated time and time again, a human embryo is formed from the moment sperm meets the egg. This unique individual carries the blueprint of their future development and possesses inherent dignity and worth. To deny the specialness of this formative phase is to devalue life itself – a disconcerting stance we should strive to avoid.

When we set a 12-week cutoff for protection, we send the message that some lives are expendable and unworthy of defense. It is a dangerous precedent that undermines our moral compass and disregards the plight of those in their earliest stages of development. Scientific advancements have allowed us to save the lives of prematurely born infants at earlier stages of development than ever before; it is time for us to adapt our laws accordingly.

Critics may argue that outlawing abortion completely would infringe upon a woman's reproductive rights– but this misses the point entirely.

We should focus on comprehensive education and support systems that empower women to make informed choices without resorting to termination of life as an option. This approach respects the life within them while offering compassionate alternatives that address the underlying reasons driving their consideration of abortion.

By championing a perspective that respects life's sacredness from conception, we can build a future where the protection of all human beings is at the core of our laws and values. Rather than treat abortion as a woman's right, let us view it as what it truly is: murder.

Nebraska's new law may be an important step forward for protecting life within the womb, but our ultimate goal should be to recognize that life begins at conception and ensure comprehensive protection for every unborn child.

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