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There is No “Greater Good”

Half of the country disagrees with the other half currently in control. The “greater good” assumes we’re all working towards the same goals. We are clearly not.

Doing everything in the name of the “greater good” is no longer a feasible plan when half of the country cannot agree with the other half on the definition of ‘good.’ The overturning of Roe v. Wade was an eye-opener to just how divided we really are, and we the people don’t seem to be uniting anytime soon.

There have always been disagreements in this country; we just no longer have civil discourse where we can, at the very least, come to an understanding. If somebody is pro-life, for example, then they “hate women” and “want women to die.” If somebody is pro-choice, then they “hate babies” and “want babies to die.” There’s no longer a discussion of the nuances that lead us to our certain beliefs.

There is a lot of fear-mongering propaganda subtly spread through the mainstream media that forces us to unconscionably adopt certain views and hold desired beliefs. These efforts to control the larger population can be dated back to the creation of religion, and the media treats their elites no different than the Romans treated their gods.

People worship the ground Hollywood celebrities walk on. Young teenagers spend hours a day scrolling through Tik Tok instead of interacting with the real world, dreaming of becoming a source of entertainment in the future. The internet has given us an escape from reality, but we never found our way back to reality.

The younger generation is easily offended and grasped the concept of individual rights. A globalist agenda has convinced us that self-interest is dangerous. We are made to believe that when we do what’s best for us, we are being greedy and need to do more to promote the “greater good.”

You should always vote in your own self-interest. We all have just one vote, and we should never use it to advance interests that are not our own. Consider climate change, for example. Why are children like Greta Thunberg so passionate about the climate when the proposals to address the problem will literally spend them out of their future?

There’s no denying that we are divided as a country. What’s good for New York is not necessarily good for Florida. That’s the beauty of the Constitution: the powers of the federal government are enumerated, and the Tenth Amendment grants rights otherwise not listed to the states. We have always had the ability to be divided on the issues and still united as a nation.

Recently, that doesn’t seem to be a case. There are forces that need us to adopt the national narrative. They need us to believe that breaking our backs for 10-12 hours a day to fund their plan for the “greater good” is making a difference. In reality, nobody at the top cares about we the people at the bottom.

Unfortunately, we’re no longer operating in reality, and rational thinking is lost among the likes, the retweets, and the trolling. We’re no longer having conversations with each other with the intent of solving anything. We are screaming at each other in hopes of generating the most likes.

People who think for themselves and are able to drown out the noise from the mainstream media are banned from public platforms. We are not allowed to hear what they have to say because “misinformation” is “damaging to a true democracy.”

We have a right to be wrong. We should be able to speculate and present theories. That’s how we learn. Misinformation was very present during the COVID-19, and not largely from conspiracy theorists. Instead, it was America’s most trusted doctor Anthony Fauci who lied time and time again to promote a political agenda.

Why are we holding trolls on the internet to a higher standard than the highest-paid employee in the federal government? Why does Fauci have a right to be wrong, but we can only post what’s approved by the White House?

We are being lied to, and there’s no way of telling what’s really best for the “greater good.” These upcoming midterm elections will largely decide the future of our country, and we must ensure that our voices are heard on Election Day. Don’t waste your time voting for candidates who can’t explain why sending billions of dollars to Ukraine benefits the greater good, or why disarming law-abiding Americans will end the decades-old problem of mindless violence.

Instead, vote for candidates who represent what you believe.

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- Chadwick Dolgos

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