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We're All Victims to Their Political Theatre

As the pandemic comes to an end, we begin our journey into their “New Normal” with the threat of World War III. Today’s generation may never enjoy a time where we’re not involved in a world crisis. Governments around the world continue to exploit tragedies for their own personal and political gain at the cost of real human lives.

Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine, it seems only right to assume that we have entered a new phase. COVID-19 is mostly over. Even the bluest of areas are lifting their restrictions and moving on from the government-manufactured pandemic. COVID ran its course. The pandemic allowed the elites to illustrate the power they have over us. They inflated our costs, censored our speech, destroyed our working economy, and forced thousands of people out of work for refusing an unconstitutional vaccine mandate.

The pandemic set the stage. We the obedient people of the United States of America will mostly do what the mainstream media and our ruling class dictates. Many continue to wear masks, despite Anthony Fauci admitting that cloth masks are ineffective in protecting from COVID. Governments around the world were able to test to what extent they could control the people they represent.

If it wasn’t for the upcoming midterm elections, it’s likely that the Washington establishment would’ve continued their COVID tyranny until there was a revolution. People protested, but those protests went largely unnoticed because the mainstream media refused to cover them. When the people of Canada protested, the media was forced to cover their fight for freedom because of the impact it was having on the entire country.

Canada’s freedom convoy successfully exposed Justin Trudeau for the tyrant he truly is. While Joe Biden’s radical policies are difficult to understand, Americans would never tolerate a wannabe dictator like Trudeau. He froze the bank accounts of people who donated to the truckers’ protests. He had people arrested by the police and charged with politically-driven crimes for not adhering to the government’s demands.

While Trudeau may extend COVID’s overstayed welcome for as long as he may choose, the Democrats in Washington and all across the country have come to terms with the fact that the people they represent no longer have the energy to comply with conflicting mandates. We did what we did for two years. Though we were all hoping to live freely and peacefully at the end of the pandemic, Russia chose now to invade Ukraine, risking American involvement.

All eyes are on Ukraine. Never mind the fact that our economy was destroyed over the past two years. Never mind that inflation has hit record highs for the first time in two decades. In fact, we’ll just blame it all on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The mainstream media knows the average American believes any nonsense they spew during their airings; it’s evidenced by the entire pandemic. They plan to use Ukraine to explain away America’s most serious problems.

Let’s be honest, Americans have short attention spans. Two years ago, our streets were filled with extremists setting structure fires, smashing vehicles, and demanding justice for George Floyd and all the black men and women who have lost their lives at the hands of the police. Where did that outrage go? Well, that outrage was only needed by the elites to secure the 2020 election. Once Biden was elected, it was time to change the narrative and refocus our anger towards COVID conspiracists.

Their plan worked wonderfully. The elites were able to further divide an already divided country based on vaccination status and willingness to comply with government orders. Even when the data revealed that many precautions were unnecessary, or even ineffective, we were still pitted against one another based on how much of the narrative we were willing to believe.

The left, who championed government mandates throughout the entire pandemic, started to grow weary from the performance. During Super Bowl LVI, many woke celebrities were filmed enjoying a crowded stadium without their masks while mask mandates were continued to be enforced on children by many state and local governments. Even Georgia governor-hopeful Stacey Abrams went maskless before a classroom filled with masked children during one of her campaign events.

This has all been a performance. Governments around the world are putting real lives at risk as they engage in political theater. They are eliminating our inalienable rights right before our eyes, and are being applauded for doing so. The Russia-Ukraine war is Act II in their war against the people. If we don’t stand up and act quickly, we may all fall victim to their tyrannical agendas.

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