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World Lacks Vital Information Absent Free Speech

Publicly expressing doubt in a time of uncertainty may strike some as unwise and liable to result in a reduced trust in science, but trust also suffers when we silence people who have credible evidence.

-Samantha Hedges

Remember during those early days of the pandemic when we were being hit with so much information our minds were unable to process it all at once? Remember later on during the pandemic when mainstream media and big tech decided to burden themselves with doing the thinking for us? Had the principles of free speech been respected and present during the entirety of the pandemic, we may not have been manipulated out of our rights.

The lab leak theory that suggests that COVID-19 was leaked from a virology lab in Wuhan, China was dismissed early on using three components. First, the mainstream media began referring to the now highly plausible story as a “conspiracy theory.” As many who have the time to read are aware, conspiracy theories do not equate to misinformation. They are theories that suggest powers above us are colluding against us.

The lab leak theory was then referred to as racist, because everything today is racist. The media gaslighted their audience into believe that the lab leak theory was somehow racism against China. Many decided not to investigate further, because being called a racist in this day and age can cost you your career, your friends, and your family. Instead, people consumed the wet market theory that suggested somebody from China took a bite from bad bat.

Lastly, the lab leak theory was downplayed to a theory created by former President Donald Trump and his supporters. Being a supporter of Trump in this current culture is just as bad or worse than being called a racist. Many equate support for the former President as racism, ignoring the positive economic impact he had in just four short years. By downplaying the theory to nothing more than a Trump creation, many people abandoned it and attached themselves to the wet market theory.

Evidence of the lab leak theory suggests that it should not have been dismissed so early on. Alina Chan, a molecular biologist, was censured by the scientific theory for suggesting in a paper in May, 2020 that the lab leak theory should at least be investigated. The lab leak theory had never been disproven; it was simply never being considered a possibility despite mounting evidence. Had the principles of free speech been respected and present during the entirety of the pandemic, we would have had the ability to explore all theories regarding the virus’ origin. Instead, the media was blessed with the opportunity to shape the narrative without question.

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