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Chadwick Dolgos



About Me

Honestly, the truth is that lies are oftentimes more comforting than the truth. 'Honesty is the best policy,' is nothing more than a lie we tell children for them to feel compelled to tell the truth. The lines between reality and fiction have been blurred by mainstream manipulation, political platitudes, and violations to free speech principles. I'm interested in the truth; are you? 


We live in a society that no longer values the truth. Instead, we adopt beliefs based on what we're told and defend them as if it's our only purpose in life. We need to break free from the mainstream media's grasp on our ability to think for ourselves and pursue the truth before it's too late. 

I started The Washington Wick in 2018 with the philosophy that the truth is being dictated to us by a very few well-groomed elites. We all have our own individual beliefs shaped by our personal experiences, yet most of us comfortably fit into two schools of thought. If we had the opportunity to hear others, we may not be at war with each other. We need to start having difficult conversations free from political propaganda. We need to listen to others to understand others. We need conversations with value. 

We need to talk...


  • Communications Expert - Mobilize the Message (December 2021- Present)

    • Over 3,400 copies written and deployed via email, text, digital ads, social postings, Op-Eds, direct mail, and other forms of political communications during the 2022 and 2023 election cycle​s

  • Freelance Journalist - Gazette 2.0 (July 2020 - March 2022)​​


My Publications:

Local Journalism: Gazette 2.0

Other Blogs


  • George Mason University: Master of Public Administration (MPA)

  • University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown: Bachelor of Arts, Political Science (BA)

    • Minor: Philosophy​

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