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Too Little, Too Late for Restoring Trust in Our Electoral System

In a shocking move, YouTube has recently announced that it will be reversing its policy on censoring claims related to the 2020 presidential election.

While this change of stance may appear to be a step in the right direction toward fostering open dialogue, it comes far too late. The mistrust in our electoral system caused by Big Tech censorship over the past three years has left many citizens feeling disenchanted and uncertain about the integrity of the process.

The 2020 presidential election was an incredibly divisive event with lasting effects on our society. However, what people have not considered is how much impact Big Tech companies like YouTube and Facebook had on public opinion through their decision to censor dissenting voices and stifle questions about the electoral process. By creating an echo chamber where only certain viewpoints were allowed to be heard, they exacerbated the divide between people and deepened their skepticism of the system.

Open dialogue is an essential part of any society, but YouTube's censorship meant that individuals were not able to voice their concerns or challenge what was being presented to them. This hampered our ability to identify potential flaws in the process and take steps toward ensuring its integrity.

Now that YouTube has reversed its policy, it is commendable yet fails to address all the harm that has already been done throughout these three years. Many citizens have lost faith in the system due to this lack of timely action and now equate Big Tech companies with self-interest rather than principles such as free speech or open dialogue.

We must hold these companies accountable for their role in shaping public opinion and safeguarding the electoral system. It is only through promoting transparency, facilitating constructive debates, and fostering a safe space where diverse perspectives can coexist that we can begin rebuilding trust in our society.

By recognizing the potential consequences of their censorship policies and taking swift action to address them, Big Tech companies like YouTube have an opportunity to restore confidence in our electoral process. We must ensure that this remains their priority, not just during election cycles but at all times. Only then will citizens feel empowered to partake in dialogue with one another and strengthen our social fabric.

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