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Tennessee Bans Child Genital Mutilation

Tennessee has taken a bold stance in protecting children from the dangers of radical gender ideology. On Tuesday, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed into law a bill that will prohibit sex change surgeries, the use of puberty blockers, and hormone therapies on children under the age of 18. The law allows parents to sue providers if their child was injured or died due to the treatments.

This law is a major victory for children’s rights and comes after years of advocacy from Matt Walsh, a popular Catholic Tennessean and podcast host for the Daily Wire. He has been one of the leading voices in exposing the dangers of sex change surgeries and puberty blockers on minors, which often have devastating consequences that can last a lifetime.

Walsh has warned of the financial incentives for medical centers like Vanderbilt University and other radical gender ideology activists who promote these dangerous treatments as “huge moneymakers” and take steps to hide their activities from public view. He has been a tireless advocate for change, and his work in Tennessee is an example of what can be achieved when people come together to protect the future generation of Americans.

Tennessee is one of the first states to take this important step in protecting children from radical gender ideology and genital mutilation, and hopefully will be an example for other states to follow.

We must continue to fight for the rights of our children by ensuring that their physical and mental health is taken into consideration over any financial incentives. In doing so, we can create a society where all children are safe from dangerous and life-altering treatments that have no long-term studies or evidence of efficacy.

We owe it to our children to take this fight seriously and ensure their safety for generations to come. Matt Walsh has been a major advocate in this fight, and it is important to recognize the role he has played in protecting children’s rights. We must continue to support his work and any other individuals on the front lines of this fight.

It is our responsibility as parents, guardians, and citizens to ensure that our society is one that provides a safe environment for all of our children and does not allow them to be exploited. Let us take the lead from Tennessee and strive for a better future for our children.

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