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Harvard Professors Fight for Free Speech

Free speech on campus sounds like a radical idea these days, doesn't it? Students are going the extra mile to hold their colleagues and professors "accountable" for deviating from the dictated script. As safe spaces expand, however, the Council of Academic Freedom on Harvard's campus gains more members.

Over 100 Harvard professors have come together to form the Harvard Council on Academic Freedom in order to defend one of America’s most prized liberties — that of free speech. The council, which was announced by professors Stephen Pinker and Bertha Madras in the Boston Globe, is intended to inform both new and existing faculty members about their right to free speech, while also providing them with resources if they ever find themselves in a situation where their right is threatened.

This initiative comes at a time when college campuses around the country have become breeding grounds for censorship and suppression of ideas that are deemed “offensive” or “inappropriate.” The concept of safe spaces has been added to many universities in order to provide “safe” places for oversensitive freshmen, but often these spaces only serve to further the idea that certain topics should be avoided and not discussed.

Free speech is vital in preserving our constitutional republic — it allows us the right to voice unpopular opinions without fear of retribution or prosecution. Unfortunately, many college professors have remained silent on this issue, and have failed to stand up for their students’ right to free speech. The 103 Harvard professors who are part of the Council on Academic Freedom serve as an example of how academic institutions should be protecting freedom of expression — so why isn’t it happening nationwide?

The founding members of the Council on Academic Freedom have made it their mission to “sponsor workshops, lectures, and courses on the topic of academic freedom” as well as “encourage the adoption and enforcement of policies that protect academic freedom.”

This is a noble goal that should be embraced by universities around the country in order to ensure our constitutional right to free speech. Now is the time for professors nationwide to take a stand against censorship and suppression of ideas on college campuses — it’s their responsibility as educators to protect the freedom of thought, expression, and assembly for all students.

Why aren't students doing more to protect their constitutional rights on campus? Today's brainwashing media has people convinced that censorship is safer than combatting bad ideas with better ones. Getting accepted into Harvard may imply a wealth of intelligence, but even self-proclaimed intellects like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Gates have fallen victim to the left's propaganda.

I genuinely hope that more universities will follow Harvard’s lead in coming up with innovative ways to protect the right to speak freely on campus. Free speech is the cornerstone of any society — let's stop taking it for granted because our feelings are hurt.

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