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America Went Woke; Now We’re Broke

After two years of a pandemic that threatened our constitutional rights, financial security, and way of life, the American people are waking up to the fact that everything they know is false. Welcome to the Great Awakening.

If there’s anything that can be said about the Democrat Party, it’s that they are capable of making the most out of every situation. One could simply look at the COVID-19 pandemic as an example, where our right to show our face in public was literally stripped away by Democratic leadership all across the country.

However, the old saying goes, “Fly too close to the sun, you’re gonna get burned.”

Joe Biden’s ambassador to Japan, Rahm Emanuel once said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” The Democrat Party has long operated under this philosophy, but the pandemic granted them the ultimate opportunity to rush their agenda and pass trillions of dollars in spending that crippled our economy.

Why does this matter? People in hard economic times turn to the government as a safety net, often to survive. The government increases government dependency by forcing hard economic times. A populous dependent on the government for survival will always vote to elect politicians promising to pay their bills. The Democrats have basically secured their victory for years to come – so they thought.

The woke mob, who has been advocating for a changed curriculum in America’s classrooms, received their first dose of reality when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stripped Disney of their special tax privileges in the state.

Disney had released a statement, vowing to do everything in its power to overturn the state’s Parental Rights in Education bill. Gov. Ron DeSantis saw their statement as a threat to Florida’s parents and children and took actions that will make corporations think twice before threatening to overturn policy.

The left’s agenda received another major blow after Exxon updated guidance on acceptable flags that can be flown outside of their offices, banning “extreme position flags,” such as the Black Lives Matter and the pride flags.

Keeping woke ideologies out of the workplace was frowned upon just two years prior. Major corporations turned to virtue signaling in an effort to regain losses accrued from the pandemic, and their efforts largely worked.

The NFL, for example, introduced an all-out virtue-signaling marketing strategy to promote their wokeness. While many people publicly committed to boycotting the NFL, the league experienced more than a ten percent increase in ratings from their 2020 season – the highest regular-season average since 2015.

Wokeness was winning. Corporations all across the country realized siding with the federal government’s agenda was more profitable than remaining neutral, and they adopted the left’s ideology as one of their own.

Hollywood celebrities and Washington elites paraded their virtuosity around in an effort to maintain the status quo and further control the narrative surrounding the culture. Millions of Americans were out of work and forced to stay at home by their government, many living online to pass the time.

This gave the ruling class access to the American people in a way we have never before experienced. We were being told what was going on in the world and what to believe without actually seeing it for ourselves. The woke mob recognized this as an opportunity to start indoctrinating children and used the window to start promoting Critical Race Theory and hypersexualized curriculums in schools.

This is the moment Democrats officially flew too close to the sun. The correlation between people turning against their Democratic representatives cannot be solely accredited to pandemic fatigue alone. When Americans re-entered the real world, many realized they have been being lied to by the people they thought they could trust for the past year.

Woke culture’s demise is almost guaranteed. The geniuses at CNN+ were forced to close their doors after being unable to attract a large enough viewership to operate. Stock in Netflix also plunged, forcing the major streaming platform to consider going after users guilty of sharing passwords and turning to ads as an additional source of revenue.

Historically, the GOP has remained silent while the left controlled the narrative, but the “Great Awakening” has inspired Republican politicians to step up and take action. The Great Awakening has also allowed major corporations to stop with the woke marketing and get back to work.

Americans are finally waking up, and our future will be much brighter because of it.

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