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Elon Freed the Caged Bird that Once was Twitter

The government's corrupt partnership with Big Tech has been exposed, and their efforts to silence the American people are being threatened by one American patriot who understands the importance of the free market of ideas: Elon Musk

Free speech serves as a threat to those who seek power.

Last month, tech-billionaire and American hero Elon Musk agreed to purchase Twitter for $44 billion. This fact alone has created a frenzy in the mainstream media, who all of a sudden are concerned with a platform that gives voice to those who disagree with the mainstream’s narrative.

The left, who once respected the principles of free speech, are equating Musk to a Nazi defender and painting him as the next threat to American democracy. Neither could be further from the truth. In fact, by buying Twitter and taking it private, Musk has started the process of breaking up Big Tech and giving us our voices back.

For the past two years, major corporations have served as our voice. The Washington establishment has served as our voice. Hollywood elites have served as our voice. And the mainstream media, undoubtedly, served as our voice.

We did not speak, or we were removed. If we had questions regarding the 2020 election, we were removed. If we challenged the script surrounding COVID-19, we were removed. If we had concerns regarding our children’s curriculum, we were removed. Our access to the world stage was removed in order for them to pursue the “New Normal.”

Unfortunately for those seeking control, Musk discovered a free-market solution to online censorship.

Many politicians thought turning to the government was the only solution to breaking up Big Tech. I disagreed. I believe that the free market principles permit private companies to remove unwanted content from their platforms. It’s the same logic I use when I defend removing one’s graffiti from your office building.

Social media is the new public square, and those in charge can essentially own the narrative. Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey both engaged in activity that interferes with fair and free elections. They disrupted the marketplace of ideas with their labels and their banning of content completely. The American people were unable to make an informed decision because their decisions were scientifically formulated by Big Tech.

Biden won the election, and you’re not allowed to ask, “how?”

Elon Musk freed the caged bird that once was Twitter, but not absent a response from the federal government. In light of Musk’s multi-billion dollar purchase, Joe Biden and his administration are considering a “disinformation governance board.” While this may sound like a Ministry of Truth, that’s because it is a Ministry of Truth.

While Twitter is just one piece of a much larger plot to control the narrative, its absence is a threat to their entire plan. Without content moderators, shadow banning, opinionated fact-checks, and tech lords picking and choosing what information we see, we’re free to explore new options.

Maybe the world isn’t as bad as is portrayed by CNN. Perhaps we’re not all racists and we do have the ability to get along. Since the onset of the pandemic, we haven’t really had the opportunity to talk to one another. Now, we’re so divided that typical disagreements feel like assassinations of our character.

The government, however, will save the day. The Ministry of Truth is their last-ditch effort at maintaining complete control of the narrative, and they’re openly willing to violate our First Amendment rights in the process. Now that their corrupt partnership with Big Tech has been exposed, they are going to do everything in their power to keep their power.

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