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Happy Independence Day

It is freedom that makes this the greatest country in the world, and it is freedom that so frequently keeps me on the optimistic side of life.

-Lawrence Kudlow

Today is the day where we traditionally celebrate our freedoms. Freedom has never been free, costing millions of American lives, and today is the day where we give thanks and express gratitude for the freedoms that many other nations don’t have the privilege to enjoy.

The past year has been a challenge to our individual liberties. More than half the country chose pseudo government security over freedom. The media has discovered a loophole that allows dissent to be punished without government force. Our freedoms are dwindling rapidly, thanks to the window of opportunity presented to our government by the pandemic.

Americans to this day are unsure if they are allowed to celebrate. They await direction from the White House, Dr. Fauci, and the CDC before making holiday plans. They don’t question authority, though they may complain occasionally on their social media sites. Over the course of the past year, Americans have become abundantly obedient, and they’re taking advantage of us.

Today is the day we celebrate freedom, regardless of how you define freedom. You may not be proud of the country you live in, but at least the country you live in doesn’t imprison you for expressing your hate. Americans are free to burn the American flag, curse the President of the United States, harass law enforcement, all thanks to the First Amendment. Many of those expressing opposition to oppression through desecrating America symbolically would be jailed without trial if they weren’t in the United States.

We’re not a perfect nation. We have a lot of work to do. It often seems like one step forward is followed by two steps back. This is no longer the nation intended by our Founders, and it’s not only lawful to express concern; it’s patriotic. Today, we should be proud that we have the right to engage in the public discourse. We should fight to preserve that right as private corporations attempt to strip it away. We the people are very lucky to be where we are, because we have the ability to regain control of where we are going.

I don't have a reference for today's short. I'm obviously all over the place and wanted to share what I've been working through.

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