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Houston, We Have a Spending Problem

The government thinks our hard-earned income is a blank check to score political points. If we don’t act now, the federal government is going to spend our country out of a future.

With inflation through the roof, perhaps it’s time to talk about cutting spending at the federal level. Did you know that the Secret Service is currently spending $30,000 a month to protect Hunter Biden? That’s $360,000 a year spent on Hunter Biden’s security alone. That may not seem like a lot, especially when the federal government is over $30 trillion in debt, and one retired Secret Service agent even called it the “cost of doing business.” However, that’s just one example of the wasteful spending our government is consistently engaging in.

Remember the $30 million crack pipe program? Admittedly, the program doesn’t provide free crack pipes to drug addicts; they provide drug addicts with clean supplies that they can then use to smoke crack. This was marketed as “harm reduction.” No solution to any of the world’s problems ever involves enabling drug addiction. However, it’s this nonsensical thinking that skyrocketed our national debt in the first place.

Spending in Washington is out of control. Trillion-dollar spending packages are being proposed as part of the “new normal.” Congress refuses to issue a rule to ban omnibus legislation because it’s in the hundreds, sometimes thousands of pages of the laws text where they are able to score their political point. In college, we called in “bringing home the bacon” because they would pack bills with pork barrel spending.

Pork barrel spending was once frowned upon by a more fiscally responsible Congress. Unfortunately, the radical Democrats don’t put a price on money. In their minds, we can print our way out of any problem. They don’t understand how inflation works. While they may claim to be experts in every subject, they know very little about how economies operate.

Truth be told, today’s Democratic party cares very little about the harm they’re causing to our economy. They are a selfish group of people who have the ability to make every problem about them. Instead of even trying to work across the aisle, they demonize anyone who disagrees with them in the mainstream media. They have successfully created a chilling effect on rational thinking.

We are over $30 trillion in debt. Our dollar is becoming worthless because the government printed 80% of the current money supply in the past two years. Anything that we had in savings has lost value because the price of everyday goods are through the roof. A tank of gas is a full day of work for a lot of people, after taxes. Biden’s “Build Back Better” has done nothing but cripple our economy and leave the American people to fend for themselves.

We have to make drastic changes to the federal budget. Gone are the days where we could spend frivolously. We have created a massive problem that we need to resolve immediately. Unfortunately, we don’t have brave men and women in Washington representing us. Many of these people get elected and become pawns to the corrupt political establishment on day one. We need to elect newcomers. We need to elect people who have ideas, an understanding of the economy, and the courage to take politically unpopular positions.

We need to cut Social Security, for example. It’s no longer a sustainable program, but we keep it going to fulfill as many promises as we can before we can’t any longer. One day, there’s not going to be a working generation to borrow from that will pay for all the people receiving Social Security. However Social Security is politically popular, especially amongst older voters. Democrats or Republicans will not dare make cuts to the program.

We need to make major cuts to our welfare spending programs. These programs were originally intended to act as safety nets during difficult times. They have since become playgrounds for abuse. Many welfare recipients have no intention of losing their benefits. If they do work, they structure their hours around their benefits… you know, to maximize profits.

Just look at the amount of wasted spending with the COVID stimulus checks. Millions of dollars were paid out to dead people. People also took advantage of the hyperinflated unemployment benefits offered during the early days of the pandemic. The government was literally handing out money to anyone who asked, forgetting that there are consequences to their actions.

Today, the mainstream media wants to convince you that our financial woes are the result of Russia invading Ukraine. While our increased spending to support Ukraine only served to make matters worse here at home, the disastrous economy we’re facing today was two years in the making.

Many economists warned that we would be hit with mass inflation due to the federal government’s fiscal responsibility. We were distracted from $1,400 checks. Now that the checks have stopped coming in, it’s time to wake up and realize that we cannot afford to keep spending the way that we are.

We need to elect leaders who are unafraid of the mainstream media’s attacks. We need people who will stand up to the left’s attack on our economy and put an end to the mass spending. Politics isn’t just a game we engage with on Twitter. There are real consequences to the actions we take today. If we don’t act now, it may be too late for our children.

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