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McCarthy Loses 11 Rounds for Speaker

Kevin McCarthy has been strongly endorsed by President Trump to become the next Speaker of the House. However, his record on key issues shows that he is not qualified for this role. McCarthy’s voting record reveals numerous instances in which he sided with Democrats and against Republican ideals.

The Republican Party has a big decision ahead of them in selecting the next Speaker of the House. The current frontrunner is Kevin McCarthy, a RINO representative from California. However, there are many who oppose his candidacy and are pushing for other options such as Byron Donalds or even Donald Trump.

One of the main reasons people are opposing McCarthy’s candidacy is because he is seen as a globalist. His policies have been widely criticized for being too liberal and accommodating toward Democrats. He has also been accused of working closely with Democrats to push through certain legislation that goes against traditional Republican values. This makes him an unpopular choice among conservatives who want someone more aligned with their beliefs in office.

Another obvious issue with McCarthy’s candidacy is that he worked closely with Democrats at various times during his tenure in Congress. He has voted with the Democrats nearly 46% of the time, sacrificing our rights for his own personal and political gain.

This includes voting on bills and supporting policies that have gone against traditional conservative values such as immigration reform and health care reform. This has led to accusations that he is not loyal to his party or its interests, which further alienates him from potential conservative supporters.

In December 2019, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy voted with then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi on a bill to fund the government through September 2020. This was an unexpected move for McCarthy, as it opposed his traditional Republican ideals and put him at odds with President Trump's wishes.

With all this opposition towards McCarthy, it isn’t surprising that some have suggested Donald Trump as a viable alternative for Speaker of the House. Although this may seem like an outrageous idea, some have argued that Trump could actually unify the Republican Party by bringing together different factions within it under one banner and thus create an unstoppable force in Washington D.C.

Others have also argued that Trump’s popularity among Americans could help boost Republican support in upcoming elections – something most Republicans would welcome with open arms considering how badly they fared in the midterm elections.

It is clear why so many people oppose Kevin McCarthy’s candidacy for Speaker of the House and why other candidates such as Byron Donalds or Donald Trump should be seriously considered instead. Whether or not these alternative candidates can unify the Republican Party remains to be seen, but one thing is certain – Kevin McCarthy does not represent what most conservatives stand for and should not become Speaker of the House!

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