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Thank you, Spotify

Streaming platforms like Spotify and Netflix refuse to give in to the woke mob's demands, protecting talented comedians such as Joe Rogan and Dave Chappelle from being cancelled for deviating from the dictated script.

While many major corporations like the NFL and NBC continue to promote wokeness through their virtue signaling efforts, other large corporations are voting against giving in to the mob’s demands. Recently, Spotify completely ignored a letter submitted by 270 “scientists” demanding that the Joe Rogan Experience be removed from their platform because the host Joe Rogan is guilty of spreading COVID-19 “misinformation.” Following the letter, thousands of Twitter users joined the mob and demanded Spotify take action.

The streaming platform did not. As of today, the Joe Rogan Experience is still available to stream on Spotify. Netflix was in a similar situation after premiering Dave Chappelle’s stand-up special “The Closer.” In the special, the comedian discusses transgender issues and dares to share his own take on the subject. Instead of opening dialogue for more discussion, Chappelle’s words aroused many emotions, with employees threatening to leave Netflix if they don’t remove the special.

The streaming platform did not. As of today, Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” is still available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure. What’s remarkable is that neither of these platforms seem to be struggling financially. I, personally, still have both a Spotify and a Netflix account, though Netflix’s original content is leaning a little too left for my liking lately. These platforms are surviving without the mob’s approval. How can this be? The mob seems to speak for everyone else; well, at least louder than everyone else. How did cancel culture become so ineffective that the woke mob is unable to cancel two major streaming platforms?

This didn’t happen overnight. Cancel culture used to be a resource utilized to hold the most despicable people accountable when the political and Hollywood elites refused to. Powerful people were often getting away with things right before our eyes, and the justice system wasn’t holding them accountable. Therefore, people started speaking out. They started telling their truths. The mob revealed who some of these people really are. Thanks to their efforts, Harvey Weinstein will die in prison, Jeffrey Epstein did die in prison, and Bill Cosby spent a day or two in prison.

Lately, however, the mob has been targeting people for a different reason: their political views. The ability to voice one’s political beliefs is one of the many reasons the Founders amended the Constitution to include freedom of speech. In order for one ideology to prevail over the other, the left decided to demonize conservative principles. They used popular television shows, movies, and music to convince us that our neighbors were terrible people for supporting Donald Trump for President. They expected their efforts to pay off similarly to how they did when they targeted real menaces to society. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

Dave Chappelle continues to sell out stadiums. Following his controversy surrounding “The Closer,” I attended a documentary screening of his “Untitled” film that explores how he navigated the pandemic and the social justice uprising during 2020 as a comedian. The place was completely packed. While I expected a large portion of the crowd to be conservatives against cancel culture, I quickly learned by the applause and laughter at some of the material that I was in a room filled with people of all political beliefs.

People wanted to see Dave Chappelle because they were afraid they would never see Dave Chappelle again. They packed the Cleveland Cavaliers arena to see one of the world’s greatest comedians who is simultaneously being targeted by cancel culture. We laughed together and reflected on the horrible year that was 2020. There were no protests outside the venue, or people heckling from the crowd calling the comedian a transphobe. Instead, thousands of fans were there to support him.

Likewise, Joe Rogan’s ratings continue to skyrocket. Currently, his episodes are more viewed than any programming on mainstream media, including CNN. People want to listen to Joe Rogan because they’re being told by “the experts” not to listen to Joe Rogan. Censorship is backfiring. The people that the mob seeks to censor are gaining in popularity with people who are fed up with the current national narrative.

The mob has never been the voice of the people and, recently, they’ve strayed far away from being the voice of reason. Imagine if they had the power to dictate to Netflix and Spotify what content they’re permitted to share. YouTube had no problems giving into their demands, and they’re essentially begging people to sign up for their streaming services. Without major corporation that aren’t afraid to stand up to the woke leftists who refuse to allow the existence of any school of thought other than their own, we would be trapped listening to Hannah Gadsby TED Talks for the rest of our lives.

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