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The GOP Implodes Following the 'Red Splash'

Republicans need a new strategy going into the 2024 Presidential election cycle before it costs the American people four more years of Joe Biden accompanied by John Fetterman in the White House.

Free speech matters, and it is absolutely imperative that people in a free society have the ability to speak their minds freely. When examining the results of the “Red Splash” that resulted from the Tuesday, November 8th election, it may be time for Republicans to reconsider how productive some political speech is regarding winning elections.

The Democrats were up against skyrocketing inflation, a wide-open southern border, violent crime, and a government that wants to control what your children can and cannot learn in the classroom. The GOP should have won overwhelming majorities in both the House and Senate after these past two years.

American voters do not believe they are better off now than they were two years ago, regardless of the results. Democrats were able to fundraise, largely due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson, which allowed for them to have a bigger impact with their ground game.

Republicans also seemed to think that running anti-Democrat candidate campaigns was going to result in big wins on election night. Instead of running issue-based campaigns, Pennsylvania United States Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz, for example, may have received more votes if he spent more time appealing to Pennsylvania’s more moderate voters than attacking Lt. Gov. John Fetterman for having a stroke.

There is a real discussion to be had regarding Fetterman’s ability to serve in the United States Senate, but this was not the conversation the Oz campaign was willing to have.

Anybody who seriously cares about Fetterman as a human being should have suggested that running in the most expensive US Senate campaign in the entire country after suffering a stroke – and being blessed to survive – wasn’t good for his health.

Instead, the Oz camp equated Fetterman to a vegetable, and his supporters often referred to him as a “fat-headed retard” on social media. I’m no fan of Fetterman’s policies, and his debate performance alone was evidence that he still needs time to recover, but I do not think that mudslinging was productive this election cycle.

Billions of dollars are being sent to Ukraine when hardworking Americans are being forced to work two or more jobs and are still struggling to make ends meet. The next generation of Americans is overdosing and dying from fentanyl-laced substances, and we know that these drugs are coming across our southern border. Our streets are riddled with violence, forcing us to stay in our homes after two years of government forcing us to stay inside.

The Republicans had a winning message. They did not capitalize on it.

Republican candidates cannot be blamed entirely for the failures produced on election night. Fetterman outraised Oz by tens of millions of dollars. Democrats outraised Republicans by hundreds of millions of dollars.

The money raised by the Republican Party was largely spent to boost candidates who would support Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell in leadership roles. GOP leadership spent nearly $10 million against America-First candidates like Anthony Sabatini from Florida and Joe Kent from Washington during their respective primaries when that money could have been more productively spent on boosting Republican candidates during the general.

The Red Wave failed to transpire and, to make matters worse, the GOP is imploding. Republicans don’t know if they should blame former President Donald Trump or GOP leaders, McConnell and McCarthy, for the abysmal results on election night. Voters aren’t even sure if they trust the results after the series of mistakes made during the Arizona elections.

The Republican Party needs to quickly come up with a plan. The 2024 Presidential election is only two years away, and the cycle started on Wednesday, November 9. If we continue pointing fingers and ignoring the issues that will win the party elections, we can expect four more years of Biden, with Fetterman as his Vice President.

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