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Never Apologize, Ms. Rowling

J.K. Rowling has been in the public spotlight for many years, but recently she's been facing strong criticism and hate for her vocal opinions about gender identity. Rowling has become the latest victim of cancel culture, a social media phenomenon that aims to completely destroy those who express views or opinions that do not conform to the approved "woke" narrative.

This reaction has become increasingly common in our society, and it often leads to a lack of critical thinking or proper evaluation of ideas. People are quickly labeled as hateful or wrong if they voice an opinion that goes against the accepted narrative, regardless of any facts that may back up their argument. This behavior reduces meaningful dialogue between those who disagree and instead can lead to rumors, insults, and threats.

Rowling received this kind of treatment after voicing her opinion on the subject of gender identity. She has been met with extreme backlash, while many of her fellow "Harry Potter" stars have remained silent or joined in on the attacks against her. Mark Hamill, better known as Luke Skywalker from the original Star Wars trilogy, had to apologize for liking a tweet of Rowling's on Twitter.

At the same time, there are outspoken people like actor Brian Cox who have come out in support of Rowling and denounced cancel culture. He argued that she should be allowed to express her views without fear of attack or ridicule and that as a woman, she is entitled to her opinion.

Freedom of speech is essential in a free society, as it allows us to properly evaluate different opinions and weed out bad or dangerous ideas. We must be able to speak up if we are going to prevent cancel culture from becoming the norm and hindering our ability to think critically. Unfortunately, Rowling's current position is a prime example of what happens when we silence certain opinions. We must not forget that voicing an opinion, even if it goes against the popular narrative, cannot be labeled as hate speech if we are pushing to make hate speech an unprotected category of speech.

Hate speech is currently free speech in the United States. However, countries like Canada have 'compelled speech' laws that will jail or fine its citizens for "misgendering" people, regardless of intent. These are the types of laws that the authoritarian left wants to bring to the United States.

Rowling's plight is a reminder that cancel culture can have real and damaging effects on society if it continues unchecked. Hopefully, more people will join in speaking out against these emotion-based reactions and help to prevent it from becoming the status quo.

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