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Are Your Parents Terrorists or Sheep?

It is the attorney general of the United States that is intimidating people exercising their rights to free speech and the right to petition their government.

-Ron Johnson

Labels put unnecessary chilling effects on constitutionally protected speech. Nobody wants to be viewed as a domestic terrorist by their country’s government. What is being defined as “domestic terrorism” has drastically changed over the years, however, and is now redefined to include parents who genuinely concerned enough with their children’s educations and well-beings to get involved and attend school board meetings in their free time to demand accountability from those who are supposed to be taking care of our children.

Attorney General Merrick Garland directed the FBI to assist local law enforcement to investigate threats to school officials after the National School Board Association drafted a letter to the Biden administration comparing concerned parents to domestic terrorists. Garland’s directive allows the FBI to take the lead on investigations where threats were made or harassment occurred.

This is how concerned they are with protecting the national narrative. The are using federal resources to combat parents who want to hold local officials accountable for what the teach their children and how they treat their children. Domestic terrorism is defined as “the committing of terrorist acts in the perpetrator’s own country against their fellow citizens.” Please, tell me how moms and dads attending school board meetings are committing terrorist attacks. If utilizing your First Amendment right now viewed as an act of terror?

Things would be a lot easier for them if we would all be quiet and let them think. It’s the people who are standing up against the status quo, who are no longer accepting what they are being told is the “new normal,” that are standing between we the people and tyranny. If opposing mask mandates for children and challenging critical race theory as appropriate curriculum is domestic terrorist, what do we call it when American citizens burn down American cities as an emotional response to the news?

The federal government is in direct violation to the First Amendment by placing a chilling effect on constitutionally protected speech. The First Amendment was added to our Constitutional to provide us with the proper resources to redress our grievances with our government absent an election. Members of school boards are public officials. They are not protected from public protest. These mechanisms are in place so that school boards cannot just make decision that impact our children without us having a say. Do you really think this country would be a better place if we forced parents to stop doing what they think is right for their children? Or, is it possible that the federal government went too far this time?

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