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Cancel Culture Failed the Cuomo Brothers

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Today a story is not told, it’s sold.

-Amit Abraham

Conservatives rejoiced as CNN’s Chris Cuomo was indefinitely suspended by the network* following the revelation of documents detailing how involved the anchor was in coaching his brother through his sexual harassment allegations earlier this year. According to documents released by New York Attorney General Letitia James, Cuomo pressed sources for information regarding Andrew Cuomo’s accusers and was actively involved in shaping the narrative around the allegations.

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is accused of sexually harassing at least 11 women, according to the AG’s office. He stepped down from his role as governor in August, likely at the advice of his brother. During the same time the sexual harassment allegations started illuminating, the AG’s office concluded that his administration understated the number of deaths in nursing homes by thousands. Furthermore, James’ office suggested that fatalities may have been the result of the state order that forced homes to accept infected COVID-19 patients.

During all of Gov. Cuomo’s scandals, Chris Cuomo remained awfully silent in his role as a “journalist.” After his role in advising his brother was made public in May, he explained that he was trying to “do the right thing.” According to the former CNN anchor, he urged Gov. Cuomo to step down and said that it was a unique situation “being a brother to a politician in a scandal and being part of the media.”

While it certainly is a unique situation, Chris Cuomo could have handled the news objectively, as is required of his job. He could have reported the facts available to the public. Instead, he redirected his viewers, as if nothing was going on, and was secretly attempting to control the narrative at the governor’s office. He also abused his role as a journalist by attempting to assert his influence to gain information on the accusers.

Chris Cuomo has never been a real journalist and CNN isn’t really the place for journalism. The Cuomo brothers are the perfect example of out-of-touch elites who dictate down to us but don’t live by their own rules. Chris was never afraid to interview Andrew when the approval ratings were high. During the pandemic, interviews between the two brothers were fan favorites. The liberal media loved Gov. Cuomo so much, they coined the word “Cuomosexual.”

The same people who are actively engaging in cancel culture and applauding the private censors are guilty of murder, sexual harassment, and attempting to cover it all up. Instead of the mob focusing their energy on the Cuomo brothers, they prefer to target people who are not afraid to be honest with the public. In other words, they protect the dishonest while attempting to destroy authenticity.

Cancel culture is obviously not about holding people accountable. If it was, Chris Cuomo would have been off the air months ago, when news first broke regarding his involvement. In fact, he should have been off the air years ago, when it became abundantly clear that he was a political elite and not an honest, interested journalist. People like Chris Cuomo are responsible for the negative attention journalists receive.

If cancel culture was about holding people accountable, Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t have been granted the opportunity to give a two-weeks notice. He would have been forced out of office by the same people who force people out of their careers and encourage you to delete your grandma off of Facebook for being a Trump supporter. The mob isn’t afraid to go for blood; when they have a legitimate reason to take you down, they’re nearly unstoppable. Andrew Cuomo is accused of abusing his political power and sexually harassing at least 11 women. He is also accused of enacting policies that are responsible for elder deaths, and understating how many fatalities their actually were. This complete disregard for human life would be enough for a sane society to lock him up and throw away the key. People died while he put on a show for the media parading how great he has handled the pandemic.

Cancel culture failed to hold the Cuomo brothers accountable simply because they are repeaters of the script. They have influence and they serve as voice boxes for the national narrative. Whether or not you’re actually a decent person rarely matters to the mob. If you stay true to the dictated script, your livelihood will be protected. The same media that protected the Cuomo brothers wants you to believe it’s an attack on democracy to question the government, it’s bigotry to question the narrative surrounding race, and it’s blasphemy to ask questions about the ongoing pandemic. They don’t want you to question their authority; they demand faith-based obedience.

Update: 04.12.2021*

CNN announced on Saturday, Dec. 4 that Chris Cuomo has been terminated from his position at the network following an investigation into his exact involvement surrounding his brother's sexual misconduct accusations. According to a statement released by CNN, their investigation is ongoing as they will review the matter after more information became available.

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