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Censorship Viewed Favorably by Mainstream Media

"When they own the information, they can bend it all they want."

-John Mayer

A new study by the Media Research Center illustrates how broadcast news networks such as CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News favor stories regarding censorship over stories where the First Amendment and free speech prevail. The researchers followed instances of limiting and censoring information, most notably actions taken by Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Pro-censorship stories did not only receive more positive coverage on your evening news than stories supporting free speech, they outnumbered them by 12-0. Many of the news stories positively covering censorship involve efforts against “misinformation” surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 “pandemic.”

In fact, across all major broadcasting networks, not one of them covered efforts combatting COVID-19 misinformation as censorship. While some news reporters remained neutral, others, such as Don Lemon from CNN, applauded the efforts on national television, asking for even more to be done.

Unlike the mainstream media, the Washington Wick always interprets these stories with censorship in mind, and we never applaud efforts from elites to silence we the people. It’s absurd that there are so many people walking among us who believe we shouldn’t have the right to speak freely. The media plays a major role in how people perceive individual liberties, and it’s no surprise that freedom has been demonized by the media.

Anyone who speaks out against getting vaccinated is threatened with censorship. Anyone who holds an opinion that differs from the woke mob’s stance is at threat of being cancelled. Your video will be demonetized on YouTube if you disagree with the script surrounding climate change. Chilling effects have been placed on many forms of speech, and people are too brainwashed to realize that this is bad for a free society. No single person is capable of knowing everything, despite all of the pseudo expertise available online. We need to have honest conversations to better understand the world around us. Honesty, however, is just about as popular as free speech currently is in this country.

How the media treats censorship could be used to explain public perceptions regarding free speech. As efforts to silence are promoted in the name of the “greater good” in the mainstream, it’s only natural that people would adopt similar views. The media successfully controls the national narrative. They tell us what to care about and when. They decide when an issue no longer requires our attention, and they move on to the next step of their agenda. People need to start thinking for themselves before that becomes illegal as well.

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