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False Allegations Discredit Real Victims

People fucking hate me because I interviewed Trump or I go on Tucker Carlson. The woke cancel culture wants to cancel me.

-Dave Portnoy

Founder of Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy is currently having his sex life put on blast after a story from Business Insider, that is only available behind a paywall, revealed that the internet celebrity is a “sexual deviant” who is rough with women as young as 19. In a two-part video posted on Twitter, Portnoy denies the allegations brought forth by Business Insider’s eight-month investigation.

After the eight-month long witch hunt, reporters were able to uncover two women who claimed to have felt used by Portnoy. They describe being choked and spit on, with the events being filmed without their consent. One woman, who is identified by the pseudonym Madison, describes being forced after “trying to get away.” The other woman, who goes under the moniker Allison, told Business Insider that she became suicidal after her sexual interaction with Portnoy.

Portnoy openly denied both allegations in a two-part video he posted on Twitter against his legal team’s best wishes. He remembers his interactions with both women, who were not identified by the Business Insider story, based on the dates they provided to the reporter. He claims that both stories are fabricated and that both interactions were completely consensual. He denies doing anything against these women’s will, and notes that he feels terrible if this is truly how they felt after their experiences with him.

Portnoy believes that this is all part of a larger effort to get him cancelled. He wasn’t surprised when Business Insider finally printed the story, because a number of women from his past reached out to him letting him know that a journalist was poking around, asking questions about his sexual history. He argues that people hate him because he has gone on Tucker Carlson and interviewed former President Donald Trump in the past.

I started watching some of Portnoy’s material in September 2020 after he reviewed three pizza shops in the Pittsburgh area. I found his content to be a sigh of relief from the current content circulating on repeat. I thought he had a good sense of humor, and watching him review pizza joints was almost refreshing. Obviously I don’t know the guy, and I’ve never met him, but I just felt a sense of authenticity from him that you don’t often find while browsing the web.

The same people who dare to ask, “Why would someone lie?,” fail to address why someone would act against another person’s will in the first place. There are bad people in this world. There are rapists, and there are people who lie about being raped. The world is not a safe space, and people do bad things to other people for their own personal gain. Whether or not Portnoy or these two unidentified women are telling the truth remains to be seen, but the damage has already been done.

Once somebody is accused of sexual deviance, it’s difficult for the public to separate the accusations from the person. Even if Portnoy is completely innocent and these women are lying in an effort to destroy his career and strip him from his access to the public, we will never know. Those headlines would be so small, you would need a magnifying glass to read them. Of course, these actions will never be taken to trial where Portnoy’s innocence will be judged fairly. Twitter has long decided that Portnoy was a bad person, and now they have the ammo to bring him down.

We already know that the left is not afraid to create chaos to make people with right-leaning ideologies look bad. The anti-Trump organization, The Lincoln Project, staged an event during one of Glenn Youngkin's campaign events where they hired actors to dress up as white supremacists and stand by Youngkin's campaign bus in support of his election. Youngkin ended up narrowly winning Virginia, and I believe we have the Lincoln Project to partially thank for that.

People are tired of being lied to. We are tired of having our emotions used against us so that the elites can get what they want. We want to know the truth. If a celebrity is raping or taking advantage of anyone, they shouldn't have access to the public; they should be in prison. Where are the trials? Where is the justice?

What shocks me most about people on the internet is how perfect everyone is. Everyone is able to cast stones because they’ve acted nothing but angelic their entire lives. They don’t have to worry about whether or not Portnoy is innocent, because they never foresee themselves in a similar situation. Put yourself in his shoes: Wouldn’t you want a fair trial? Wouldn’t you want the facts laid out before judgement is made? If what he says is true, then this is a sick and demented way to take away what he has worked so tirelessly to build, and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves. There are real victims of sexual assault who are discredited by false accusations.

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