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FBI Raids Home of Investigative Journalist, Confirms Diary Belongs to Ashley Biden

I heard ‘the process is the punishment;’ I didn’t really understand what that meant until this weekend.

-James O’Keefe

Journalism is under attack in this country from multiple angles, but the most obvious attack has been on the only organization that still engages in investigative journalism from the FBI. According to founder of Project Veritas James O’Keefe, the FBI raided his home during the early hours on Saturday morning, Nov. 6.

According to O’Keefe, ten agents showed up to his door, handcuffed him, and raided his home as a part of their investigation into Ashley Biden’s diary. They confiscated two of his iPhones, ones of which obtained reporters notes, sources for other, unrelated stories, and confidential donor information to Project Veritas, confirming that the diary does, in fact, belong to President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley.

O’Keefe did obtain the diary after paying a tipster for the lead, but ultimately decided to not publish its contents because he was unable to verify that the diary belonged to Biden. Instead, he turned it over to local law enforcement. It has also not been confirmed whether or not the diary was stolen. The “tipster” claims that the item was left behind in a hotel room she stayed at, where they found it upon staying after. They tried to negotiate with multiple news organizations before agreeing on a price with Project Veritas.

The diary includes entries from Ashley detailing how she was sexually abused as a child and would take “inappropriate” showers with her father, the current President. She illustrates that she was “hyper sexualized” at a young age, which could party explain her “insatiable sexual appetite.” She also talks about her own struggles with drug addiction as well as her brother Hunter’s scandals.

It’s difficult to seek the truth when the process is disrupted by FBI raids, which is why the founders included the freedom of press when drafting our First Amendment. O’Keefe engaged in nothing criminal, despite major media networks wanting you to believe he broke into Ashley’s home and stole the diary himself. He’s not the only investigator at Project Veritas to have his home raided, and he won’t be the last journalist in our nation’s history to have to go through this.

This is an obvious attack on journalism in this country. The FBI literally raided the home of a journalist because they obtained information that is damaging to the President. The President is not our king and is susceptible to public criticism. O’Keefe recognizes that, if this can happen to him, it can happen to any journalist engaging in true journalism. Hopefully, the FBI raid hasn’t derailed his mission and his organization will continue to be the only one not afraid to investigate and tell us the truth.

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