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Imagine Being Forced to Hire a Nazi

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The world as we knew it has been turned upside down, and we're all left to pick up the pieces. Let's consider, for a second, the absurdities produced by the woke agenda.

Imagine being forced to hire a nazi. You save up your whole life to open your business, you post advertisements that you are now hiring, and in comes a neo-nazi.

Now, to be fair, during the interview process, you did not know that your applicant held such vile, disgusting views. It wasn’t until after you offered them the job that you did your research and found that your views and beliefs are largely at odds with their bigoted posts on social media. Unfortunately, in this hypothetical, the federal government has made it against the law to discriminate on the basis of political beliefs.

Imagine that this neo-nazi is a stellar employee. They show up 15 minutes early to every shift, they follow your social media policies and don’t post their radical beliefs online anymore, but the community knows that they are a neo-nazi, and it’s hurting your profits.

You have no reason to fire this employee, other than the fact that their presence is killing your business, and terminating this employee for their political beliefs would be in violation of the federal government’s new law.

One month later, your establishment is being called out on social media for your decision to hire a known neo-nazi. As the owner of the business, you are being called a white supremacist and racist. All of a sudden, you're receiving negative Yelp reviews from customers you have never served.

Two months later, your employees are walking out on you. It’s not against the law to refuse to work for somebody who would hire a neo-nazi, and your workers are taking a stand and finding employment elsewhere. To make matters worse, hiring new employees has become increasingly difficult because nobody wants to work with your current staff.

You are finally out of options and are forced to close the doors to the business you worked your whole life to open. You did everything you could legally do, but it wasn’t enough to attract and retain the customer base needed to survive.

On the bright side, you didn’t violate federal law.

Imagine that this neo-nazi was working for you to fund their way through college and obtain their degree in education. You have since moved you and your wife out of the town where you watched your first business fail at the hands of the federal government, and decide to settle down and have a baby.

Five years later, your child starts their journey in education, and you find out that the neo-nazi that once crushed your hopes and dreams is now the kindergarten teacher at your child’s school district. In your opinion, this is absolutely unacceptable, and you attend your local school board meeting to demand answers.

Imagine going to that meeting and, instead of getting answers, you get treated as a domestic threat to the federal government’s agenda to promote diversity. While the other parents in attendance may silently agree with your point that a known neo-nazi should not be teaching five-year-olds, publicly speaking up on your behalf would run the risk of not appearing inclusive enough in the community and, therefore, you’re on your own.

To make matters worse, there were also students in attendance who have adopted the federal government’s agenda, and they filmed your speech demanding that the neo-nazi be fired on the basis of their radical political beliefs. The video goes viral, and everybody in the community now despises you.

They don’t stop there. Now, they have posted your public information online, and you are receiving phone calls, emails, and letters in the mail from people you have never met before who want to see you and your family suffer. The negative attention becomes too much to handle, and you are once again forced to find a new place to call home.

A country that protects neo-nazis over hard-working Americans is not one any of us wish to live in, but that’s currently the direction we’re headed, Instead of being able to have open conversations where nuances and indirect consequences of policy proposals can be ironed out, our government rushes solutions through the door before our legislators have time to read and consider the bills.

A proposal that protects employees and applicants from being discriminated against on the basis of their political ideology might be well-intended and certainly sounds good on the campaign trail, but there are a number of absurdities that are produced when our lawmakers use their positions of power to produce policy for the sake of re-election.

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