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Jon Stewart Encourages Cancel Culture

People that talk about cancel culture never seem to shut the fuck up about it.

-Jon Stewart

Comedian and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart explained his position on “cancel culture” during an interview on Sunday, Oct. 10 with New Yorker editor David Redneck. According to Stewart, those who obsess over cancel culture never seem to stop talking about it. In fact, he believe that cancel culture may be better defined as “democratized criticism” on the internet. Stewart almost appeared proud of the “relentless” pioneers of the culture.

Stewart oversimplified the impacts of cancel culture in order to solidify his point.He suggests that there is more speech now more than ever before. While there may be more content available on the internet, this does not conclude that there is more speech now. In fact, a lot of the content on the internet is nothing more than a repetitive voice box for the national narrative. Speech that deviates from the dictated script is targeted, and the speakers are often cancelled.

Instead of cancel culture, it’d be nice if we could have a culture that leaves everyone alone. Those who argue that cancel culture is about holding people accountable forget that we the people did not grant them the authority to hold them accountable. Many of us, the listeners, are interested in hearing differing points of views, even when they conflict with our own understandings of life.

It’s no surprise that Stewart fails to see cancel culture’s existence because he repeats the same narrative protected by the mob; he has been a trusted voice on the left for decades. He may be known to slide away from the dictated scrip on occasion, especially during his appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he suggested that the origins of COVID-19 could have very well started in a lab, but he always returns to walk their straight and narrow line to preserve his place in the spotlight.

Comedians like Dave Chappelle, who never stopped doing what comedians do, understand that the threat of cancel culture is real. Chappelle will never be cancelled because he will never apologize. He doesn’t admit to wrong doing as defined by his critics. As a comedian, he has also earned our trust. He keeps it 100% in a climate where doing so can cost you your job and livelihood. Stewart seems to be moving away from comedy and into a more serious role on his Apple TV+ talk show, The Problem With John Stewart.

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