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Kardashian Cancels Cancel Culture

I believe that if we cancel someone for something that they had done or said in their past, then we’re not inviting them into the conversation to really understand.

-Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian is known for so many things I’m not even sure what made her famous in the first place. Recently, she took on the topic of cancel culture in an interview with journalist and podcaster Bari Weiss as a guest on “Honestly.” Kardashian may have the most human response to cancel culture that I’ve heard from an elite voice. According to her, cancel culture can be “ridiculous” at times, but she also didn’t mind being called out for “cultural appropriation” when she launched her brand “Kimono”

During the interview, Kardashian reflected on why she made the decision to change the name of her brand and explained that it doesn’t bother her when people teach her why something is considered offensive. While her intentions were to never steal from another culture, she ultimately decided to change the name to spare the offended their feelings. She also received complaints from Japanese officials that she took extremely serious.

Another case where Kardashian didn’t stand her ground was when her husband, now legally Ye, wanted to wear his red MAGA hat for his appearance on Saturday Night Live. She reflected on that night during her interview and questioned why she was so adamantly opposed to West wearing the hat on stage, especially if it’s something he truly believes in.

When it comes to criminal justice reform, however, Kardashian places her fame and public image aside if she can help just one person. During former President Donald Trump’s presidency, she met with him on occasion to discuss her plan for criminal justice reform. She spoke kindly of the President, which angered her fans tremendously. How could anybody support a man who has been painted so poorly by the media? Kardashian explained that it doesn’t matter if she’s tasked with working with Barack Obama, Joe Biden, or Donald Trump. She will work with anyone if it means progressing her agenda.

As for the MAGA hat, Kardashian has since changed her position. She explained to Weiss that she shouldn’t have cared that Ye wanted to wear the hat because that’s who he really is and what he believes. She noted that she should have never cared that much and the conversation shouldn't have led to an argument. West’s wearing of the MAGA hat was extremely controversial, especially because SNL is an echo chamber for the dictated script. Despite half of the country voting for Trump in 2020, the narrative continues to suggest that the red hat is a symbol of hate.

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