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MAGA Serves as Biden's Greatest Threat

As an advocate for free speech, I'm all for an open and honest debate because I believe it's both healthy and necessary for a functioning society, so I applaud Joe Biden's administration for finally having the courage to say the quiet part out loud.

The United States is divided, and President Joe Biden's message to the American people is clear: You either blindly pledge your full allegiance to this corrupt regime without question, or you're an extremist who has been radicalized by the sheer thought of making America great again.

Former President Donald Trump serves as a threat to Joe Biden's White House. His influence in the 2022 midterm elections has been unstoppable, and his likely run for the presidency in 2024 has Democrats scrambling for new ways to campaign against everyday people who just want to see America back on the path to prosperity.

Taxpayers are waking up to the fact that the radical socialist policies being advanced in Washington are largely contributing to the final hardships they have faced for the past two years, and they are turning to Republicans for solutions.

This government does not represent the working class, who continue to keep our country afloat while the corrupt establishment spends our children out of a future. Hiring 87,000 IRS agents, forgiving billions of dollars in student loans, and sending billions more to aid Ukraine are radical spending policies in normal times, let alone during the "deadliest global health pandemic" of our lifetime.

We are more than $30 trillion in debt as a country --- a fact often overlooked by the left and ignored by establishment Republicans --- and there are no real solutions being presented in Washington. Everything this administration does further dooms the next generation, and we should be ashamed of ourselves for redistributing our financial burdens onto our children.

The solution is simple: We need to elect America-First candidates at all levels of government.

We need leaders who have both the courage and the experience needed to stand up to leadership --- regardless of political affiliation --- and do what's right for the hardworking Americans who are being ripped off by this administration.

We need to elect patriots who are more concerned with the principles of free speech, limited government, and individual liberty than they are with advancing their own personal and political careers.

We need to elect fighters who will not compromise on our rights or our values to leverage donations from special interests. We need to elect grassroots candidates who are committed to amplifying our voices in government and won't buckle to pressures from the mainstream media.

There are efforts being made all across the country to help elect true America-First candidates, but these efforts fall short because the Washington establishment outspends true conservative fighters and buys seats for weak, spineless RINOs.

As America-First Republicans, we can no longer remain silent in fear of being ostracized by our friends, family members, and co-workers. Our individual liberty and financial freedom are on the line, and we must start making sacrifices in order to advance the America-First agenda.

We cannot keep throwing our support behind any Republican that wins the primary. We need to send a strong message to the corrupt establishment Republicans in Washington that our representation can't be bought.

People are inherently self-interested, and our Founding Fathers knew this to be true. Career self-serving politicians are using their positions of power to fill their pockets, while hardworking Americans are being forced to take on two or more jobs just to make ends meet. These politicians are the exact people who we elect to protect us from self-serving interests, and they continue to fail us time and time again.

Continuing to elect the same people who tanked our economy, censored the truth, and allowed for the weaponization of federal agencies against conservative thinkers is the definition of insanity, and only We The People can stand up and take America back.

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