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Student Senate Adopts Fascist Tactics to Deny Organization of Conservative Group

The recent denial of official recognition of the Wichita TPUSA chapter is clearly unfair and yet another egregious example of anti-conservative bias.

-Andrew Kolvet

The media, private corporations, and our governing officials are setting a terrible example when it comes to respecting the principles of free speech. Wichita State University’s student senate voted against allowing a Turning Point USA group to form on campus. Luckily, the university also has a checks and balances system and the student supreme court overruled the senate’s decision.

The student senate voted against allowing the proper formation of Turning Point USA on campus, fearing that the organization’s existence will create an unsafe environment for other students on campus. Despite having met all requirements for Registered Student Organization status, the senate ultimately denied their formal formation, prioritizing security over individual liberty.

The student supreme court overruled the decision, noting that the student senate’s decision violated the federal Constitution, the Student Government Association Constitution, and the Student Bill or Rights on campus. They argued that the denial was a perfect example of “viewpoint discrimination,” and that the reasons for denial were not compelling enough.

Turning Point USA, founded by Charlie Kirk, is a conservative nonprofit organization that advocates for fiscal responsibility and free market solutions. The group has controversial views such as freedom for all and limited government. Kirk is a huge advocate for former President Donald Trump, and that is enough for future groups to be deemed dangerous by student governments.

The student senate’s decision comes during a time when conservatives are arguing that their voices are being actively silenced and, with this example, it’s hard to argue against their case. A conservative group of students decided to formalize their group on campus so that they could enjoy the same benefits other campus organizations enjoy. However, because of their American First ideology, the senate felt empowered to reject their formation. Prioritizing security over freedom is not going to make us safer, though we will be less free. Wichita State is a public university and is bound by the First Amendment. Student senators do not have the authority to deny other students on campus a right to speak freely.

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