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The Elites Want to Silence Your Speech

In a healthy society, decades of obvious failures by elites would force a change of ideas or a change of leadership. Neither has happened.

-Tucker Carlson

It’s not really a vocal minority of average Americans who are controlling everything from the actions we take to the words that come out of our mouths. If it were, the silent majority would have no problem overruling them. In a true democracy, a vocal minority would lose to the silent majority as long as they get out to vote. In a free society, the silent majority wouldn’t be concerned with what the vocal minority demands, because it would have no weight on their livelihood. We’re not just dealing a vocal minority of average citizens, however.

How we speak, dress, and act are arguably results from our surroundings, which are being dictated to us by a small number of wealthy elites. Ten percent of the wealthiest people in the country own nearly 70 percent of the United States’ total net worth. Wealth rules everything around us. These people control the media, lobby the politicians, and make policy without ever being elected to a governing office. They choose the hottest new music, newest fashion trends, and when it’s time for somebody to lose their access to the public.

We’re too busy to pay attention. Many of us work jobs that require at least 40 hours a week from us and are far too tired when we come home to catch up on the latest current events. Despite inflating prices, wages have remained stagnant, requiring many to work well over their 40-hour work week or pick up a second job. Many overworked people don’t have the luxury of going home, relaxing, and catching up on current events. They know this, and they take advantage of this.

The elites have taken it upon themselves to tell you what to think. They select the issue you care about and proceed to tell you why you care. They choose your stance and how you should endorse your position. When they don’t like what you have to say, they fact-check you, temporarily silence you, or ban you completely. They’re agenda trumps our human rights, and we’re all too preoccupied to notice.

It’s not your neighbor’s fault if they have fallen into this trap. It’s natural to adopt views that appear widely accepted by everyone without considering their real world implications. Wealthy elites want you asleep at the wheel while identifying as ‘woke.’ We are being taken advantage of, gaslit, and lied to in the name of the ‘greater good.’ We need to wake up, take back our freedoms, and stand up against the elites who think they can run this country from their checkbooks.

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