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Two Years to Slow the Spread

Two years ago, we entered an unusual period in this country plagued with fear and uncertainty. When faith was placed on our political institutions to make the right decisions, our elected leaders failed to protect us. We shall never forget those who are responsible for the failed government response.

As we approach the two-year anniversary of when we first shut down our prospering economy for “two weeks to stop the spread,” I think it’s important to remind my readers that the actions taken by our elected leaders were unconstitutional, unethical, and only served to further divide the American people. Yes, we had our disagreements going into the pandemic, but the hostility that currently exists over differing ideologies is not one that will fade into the dark unnoticed.

We are at a turning point in our country’s history. We witnessed firsthand how tyrannical governments take advantage of times of crises to limit individuals' liberties and expand federal powers for their own personal and political gain. We now have a real opportunity to strip the federal government of the powers they delegated to themselves and return them back to the people.

COVID-19 was blown out of proportion, and existing data and archived footage of liberal elites from 2020 prove this inherent truth. Whether or not the government had planned to use the pandemic as a way to grant themselves more control is uncertain, but they quickly learned that they could do anything they pleased as long as we had half the nation living in fear. Their friends in the mainstream ramped up the propaganda and corrupt politicians and industry plants demanded that we lock ourselves in our homes and avoid the outside world at all costs.

This forced many hard working Americans out of work. Small business owners were forced to close their doors while larger corporations like Walmart, who could afford to close their doors for two weeks, were allowed to remain open as long as they virtue signaled and followed the CDC’s forever-changing guidelines.

Even when businesses were allowed to resume, the cost of following every guideline in order to open their doors was astronomical. Small business owners who had been forced out of work for months were unable to open their doors because they couldn’t afford to install unnecessary plexiglass shields separating customers or any other of the government’s absurd requirements.

The government effectively chose winners and losers during the pandemic. They told us what businesses were essential, and which ones were not. They shut down churches and gyms while keeping McDonald’s and the liquor stores operating. They made decisions inconsistent with reality as political favors. Businesses failed at the cost of the elites playing politics. We should not forget who was responsible for all of this.

At the very top, we have the federal government’s highest paid employee in American history Dr. Anthony Fauci. Fauci admitted that he told fibs during the pandemic in order to preserve personal protective equipment for health care workers. He marketed the vaccine as if he worked for Big Pharma, and even went as far as to lie to Congress about gain of function research.

Fauci shouldn’t only be fired, he should be in prison for lying to the American people during a public health crisis. We, the taxpayers, paid this man to be an expert on the subject. Instead, he gave into politics and repeated the national narrative, regardless of how untrue it was. Fauci’s current absence from the media is completely welcomed in my opinion. It’s hard to stomach the person who was mostly responsible for the government’s failed response.

Every lawmaker, Democrat or Republican, who stood with shutting down the economy, invoking mask mandates, or supported forced vaccination requirements should be removed from office immediately. While these decisions may have “felt right” at the time, we shouldn’t be allowing our elected leaders to base decisions on emotions. There was no scientific evidence backing up their mandates, only political influence.

Even Biden and his radical administration issued a warning to the unvaccinated, claiming that the winter of 2021-2022 was going to be one of “severe illnesses and death.” Many of my closest friends remain unvaccinated, and we all survived the winter without becoming deathly ill or dying. Again, this warning was not based on any available data. Instead, Biden used his power as President to promote propaganda and instill fear into the American people.

While we should not forget who is responsible for the past two years, it’s important that we move on. While it may be difficult for many of us to understand, many people who followed the government’s orders were doing so for their own protection, not because they’re loyal to a soulless government. These people feared for their lives. Fear propaganda is a powerful tool, especially when utilized by an institution that has mastered its delivery.

Now, we must put the pandemic behind us and get back to normal. This idea of a “new normal” needs to be tossed to the curb. We were on the right path to prosperity prior to the pandemic. People were making honest incomes, fuel was more than affordable, America was energy independent, and our border wasn’t wide open, inviting people to take advantage of our welfare state.

Things have certainly changed under Biden, but he will never stop us from being a country. We will survive his radical regime, and we will be stronger as a nation for doing so. Instead of placing blame on your friends and family who you disagreed with during the entirety of the pandemic, take that blame and place it on those responsible, and never elect them to political office again.

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