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Waking Up the Woke With Elon Musk

Do we want a humorless society that is simply rife with condemnation and hate basically?

-Elon Musk

Elon Musk is right about a lot of things, which is probably why he currently has a net worth of over $260 billion. In an interview with the Babylon Bee, he touched on a number of topics, often saying what we’re all thinking out loud. During the interview, he spent some time speaking on the topic of comedy and how the genre is currently being wrecked by wokeness and political correctness. He comments about how it’s crazy that the left would cancel Dave Chappelle, and asks if they really want a dystopian future where we’re unable to laugh at ourselves and others.

Politics have worked their way into many areas of life, and comedy is no exception. Saturday Night Live used to be genuinely funny. Now, they pass off Kim Kardashian’s fling dressed as Joe Rogan for humor. While Musk had hosted an episode of SNL in May, he joked that they were infected by the “woke-mind virus.” He even commented about the Onion, which is satyrical similar to the Babylon Bee, but nowhere near as funny. He worries that they, too, have gone in the direction of wokeness and will never return back to true comedy.

Musk recognizes what many of us are afraid to say out loud. Political correctness is destroying our culture. Art forms are being ruined because artists are afraid to take risks. We’re watching as celebrities create public service announcements in lieu of creative pieces of work. Art plays an important role in society. Creativity becomes lost in adulthood, and artists have the ability to bring us back to those simpler times. Art can inspire people to do and be better. The art of today, however, is over regulated by an unelected mob dictating down to us what we’re allowed to enjoy.

People in Musk’s position have the ability to be honest. They don’t fear private repercussions because they have enough wealth to fall back on in difficult times. Many of us depend on our jobs because they put food on our tables. Instead of challenging the national narrative, sometimes it’s easier to sit back and not say anything at all. There aren’t enough people in Musk’s position who are speaking out against the elite’s dictated script. These people, too, choose to remain silent because it is simpler. Musk is taking a major risk, and the mainstream has attempted to discredit his reputation in the past, but he refuses to stand down. He doesn’t prioritize his popularity over his principles.

The end of the year is upon us. We have seen the better part of two years locked down and living in fear, getting angry at things out of our control, and taking out our frustrations on the people around us. Things are not getting better. Censorship is not curing our culture’s illnesses. Having somebody from a different time zone insult you from behind their keyboard is not progressing us towards prosperity. If only we were able to have honest, constructive conversations with the people around us. Maybe if we listened less to the mainstream media and more to our neighbors, we wouldn’t feel so divided. It’s time to get out of the house and get some answers. We’re not going to let them continue to control this false narrative in 2022.

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