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We're Always Sorry in the United States

Those with unearned privileges often spin things as ‘political correctness’ to further silence those they wish to oppress.”

-DaShanne Stokes

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back, and the gang kicked off their season premiere punching down on oversensitivity and their own experience with private censorship, In 2020, when every American corporation turned to virtue signaling as their marketing source, an episode where Mac wears blackface was removed from streaming services.

In the episode, the gang wants to create a continuation of the Lethal Weapon franchise. Mac, who insists throughout the entire episode that he’s being respectful, wears blackface to portray Murtaugh. The gang hounds him about how wrong what he’s doing is, but Mac goes through with his costume despite their disapproval.

Blackface is an immediate call for cancellation, regardless what the intentions for the bit are. The Office also had one of their Christmas episodes removed over a white character wearing blackface. The gang in Always Sunny was obviously not trying to offend any particular community, but was making fun of people who think that wearing blackface is socially acceptable. Again, intentions rarely matter to the offended mob, and the episode was pulled.

In the gang’s season premiere, “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 7,” they create a politically correct continuation of the film while taking meta-jabs at their real-world situation. Throughout the episode, they make jokes about how corporations have adopted political correctness out of “self-interest” rather than actually promoting the “greater good.” Dennis even admitted to being “woke” only to have sex with younger women. They conclude that their overly politically correct remake of the franchise is garbage.

We all have to admit that political correctness has gotten out of hand. Anything can be taken offensively with the right spin, and that’s exactly what’s going on anymore. The episode involving blackface in both It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Office should have never been removed from streaming services. It not only disrupts the flow of the seasons, but it takes away from the complete work of art produced by the writers. The episodes themselves are not inherently offensive. They were only removed so that streaming platforms could signal to their customers how much they care about black lives and minority populations. Instead of taking a pay cut or donating more to causes that would benefit the movement, these silly, simple actions get them off of the hook.

Being “woke” is profitable, which is why every major corporation is making changes to their policies. Universities across the country are giving their employees diversity training. Individuals who are trusted to teach classes that cost thousands of dollars require further training in regards to diversity? I assume that “diversity training” is more of a scripture reading and the requirements are to better market the higher education scam to future consumers.

People need to wake up and realize that they are being taken advantage of and manipulated over their emotions. You might be a virtuous person, but these companies that you keep patronizing because they speak the same language have a hidden agenda. Once “wokeness” is no longer in demand, they’ll abandon the movement faster than Bill Cosby’s release from prison. They don’t care about you, or the elites wouldn’t have gotten richer over the course of the pandemic. Until we wake up, we will continue to be their perceived puppets.

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