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We're Canceling Cancel Culture

Before the final nail gets put in my cancel culture casket, I think I’d like to set the record straight on so many of the blatant lies that are out there about myself right now.”

-Aaron Rodgers

We must stand up and put an end to cancel culture once and for all. We have let this nonsense go on for long enough. These overly-emotional teenagers with cellphones are trying to take away personalities that made their genre of art great and replace them with social justice warriors who are not fit to take the position. We don’t want woke comedians; we want talented comedians. We don’t need a quarterback who serves as a voice box for the national narrative; we need one that can throw the ball and execute plays.

The expectations placed on people who have access to the public are ridiculous. You are expected to prioritize the “greater good” over your own mental health. Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, did his own research on the available COVID-19 vaccines and found that he was allergic to an ingredient in the mRNA vaccines, leaving the Johnson & Johnson jab as his only option. He ruled the Johnson & Johnson jab out after news circulated about blood clots.

Instead, dancing to the beat of his own drum, Rodgers worked with medical health professionals and developed an immunization plan that worked with his body. Prior to the pandemic, we recognized that different healths measures had to be taken for different reasons. It was only decided that a vaccine could work for everyone once the elites had something to gain. Rodgers cares about his health more than he cares about filling their pockets, and for that, he’s cancelled.

Dave Chappelle is the king of comedy, and anyone who denies that lacks a sense of humor. Don’t be offended; senses of humor are hard to come by these days. Chappelle carefully morphed his craft in a way where he could address serious topic while making us laugh at the same time. We were able to learn from our own laughter. Despite Chappelle’s major contributions to comedy, a vocal minority that never watched his new special to completion have decided that he no longer deserves access to the public because they, personally, didn’t laugh at their jokes.

There are still people who argue that cancel culture doesn’t exist, and people are simply being held accountable for their actions. What are they being held accountable to? Standards not nationally agreed upon? We have a legal system that holds people accountable for breaking rules we have agreed are unacceptable. However, there is no law saying you can’t have an opinion dissenting from the LGBTQ+ community. There is the First Amendment, which protects are freedom to do so. There is no law requiring Rodgers to vaccinate himself with something that could potentially be dangerous to him. These are not real standards; these are standards created by people who don’t receive enough attention at home and feel compelled to make the rest of the world feel their misery.

Cancel culture ends here. Both Rodgers and Chappelle have worked tirelessly at their crafts in an effort to produce something worth watching. Now, all you have to do is repeat the national narrative and dress the part for efforts to be made to boost you to their level of celebrity. Without authenticity, nobody will replace Chappelle or Rodgers. Sure, we may find someone who can tell jokes or throw a ball, but we will never find people willing to risk everything to keep it real with we the people.

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