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Who Are the Real Journalists?

There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil.

-Walter Lippmann

I’m not sure it will ever make sense to my why journalists like Julian Assange and James O’Keefe are under attack by the public. I have heard plenty of people discredit both of these men, who literally put their lives and careers on the line to tell you the truth, by citing what their Wikipedia pages say about them. Assange is expected to come back and face trial for leaking “sensitive” information in regards to our elites. O’Keefe recently had his apartment raided because a source presented him with Joe Biden’s daughter’s diary. He didn’t even print the diary because he couldn’t verify it’s authenticity.

We need more journalists who prioritize the truth over profit. The truth is rarely comfortable. It sometimes contradicts what we believe to be true. Why are we so comfortable living with lies? Well, the media has figured it out to a science. They know what types of stories to run when they want to trigger certain emotions. They inject their reality in every form of media, including your television shows, movies, and song lyrics. They control what information we hear and talk about. If they want us to jump, we just ask “how high?”

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing people online call Assange a traitor and discredit what he exposed. Assange is a true patriot who is passionate about the truth, whatever it may be. The same goes for O’Keefe, who is constantly battling Big Tech censorship and the federal government. Too often am I told that these two brave men are nothing more than political provocateurs.

Assange and O’Keefe exercise their First Amendment right to free speech and freedom of press. We the people have a right to know what our government is doing; they are funded by our labor. Demands for more accountability and transparency should never fall on deaf ears, but the elites at the very top can’t hear us. That’s why O’Keefe and Assange took matters into their own hands. The truth is achievable. Achieving it becomes difficult when those who control the information continue to bury it. With the right resources and questions, O’Keefe and Assange exposed corruption at levels never seen before.

Personally, I don’t think people actually want to know the truth. People seem less willing to learn now than anytime in history. I guess that makes sense since the curriculum has been politicized. We’re less open to the idea that we’re being lied to. The mainstream media is a source of entertainment. They no longer tell stories; they sell them. For fact-checked information, I honestly recommend Project Veritas. They are a reliable source. They do not publish until they have checked their sources. And they’re not afraid to go undercover and have real conversations with the people responsible for controlling the media.

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