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Wokeness is a Product of Age, Not Education

Being woke is good but it will choke you until you are broken, and a broken soul does the will of its master

-Eduvie Donald

Being woke is often attributed with being educated. The Economist recently defined wokeness as a “loose constellation of ideas that is changing the way that mostly white, educated, left-leaning Americans view the world.” However, according to a recent survey conducted by The Atlantic, there is no significant gap between people who have college degrees and those who don’t on issues related to wokeness. In fact, neither group strongly endorses woke positions.

The survey asked respondents their positions on a number of topics that are at the center of debate today, including the removal of Confederate statues, defunding the police, critical race theory, and other controversial subjects. Researchers found that the college-noncollege divide is “overstated” by the media. Instead, age plays a major factor in how people view social issues.

The older population responded that political correctness is getting out of hand and that critical race theory is a serious threat to public schools, workplaces, and the federal government. Older people also determined that affirmative action’s prevalence has turned into reverse discrimination against white applicants in the hiring process.

Younger populations, in contrast, are “showing up to campus with [progressive] ideas, according to Foundation for Individual Rights in Education President Great Lukianoff. This could be a result of how education is treated from K-12 in the public school system. Furthermore, social media may largely attribute to how the younger generations are adopting “progressive” views.

While this recent survey isn’t all inclusive, it suggests that we are letting our country be run by young people. Both the college educated and their counterparts agree at some level that cancel culture is a big problem for our society. In fact, more college-educated respondents recognized the dangers of cancel culture than those who do not hold a degree. Both groups also overwhelmingly responded that America is becoming too politically correct.

Wokeness is a cancer that is destroying our culture. The mob has placed a chilling effect on any form of speech that deviates from the dictated script. They have made it impossible to engage in honest conversations without the fear of losing our livelihoods. Cancel culture needs to be put to an end, or restored back to its original intentions of holding truly terrible elites accountable for crimes they otherwise would not be held accountable for. We need to stand up and stop being afraid of children who have yet to learn the complexities of life. We cannot continue allowing how we interact with each other be dictated by high school seniors who call their cellphones “safety blankets.”

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