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In pursuit of the truth, I started this blog in the hopes of amplifying the voices of everyday people.


We're all impacted by the decisions made by those in Washington who claim to have our best interests in mind, and I want to give We The People a platform to speak freely.


Op-Eds can be of any length and on any topic, regardless of if the issue is currently popular in the mainstream. All Op-Eds must be submitted to for publication consideration. 

The rules of grammar were created to discredit and dissuade everyday people from voicing their opinions through written text. The rules were created to control the language. Grammar is not a major concern for The Washington Wick.


I understand that many people do not have confidence in their ability to write. That's why I will edit your Op-Ed submission for spelling and grammar (completely free of charge) before publishing.


If you are interested in learning how to write clear and concise arguments, I offer a workshop for a small fee where I will teach you how to get published by a national outlet. To learn more about my Freedom Writer's workshop, contact me at


All Op-Ed submissions must be made exclusive to The Washington Wick. We reserve the rights to run digital ads and use any submissions in our digital marketing campaigns. 

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