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DeSantis Has a Plan to Combat Crime

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has recently unveiled a new agenda to combat crime and ensure the safety of citizens in his state. The proposals are comprehensive, ranging from reforming death penalty statutes, reinforcing bail laws, and toughening penalties for sex criminals.

The cornerstone of the proposal is reforming Florida’s death penalty statutes. DeSantis is proposing to make child rapists eligible for the death penalty and exploring options that would allow them to be prosecuted accordingly. Additionally, he wants to add a mandatory life sentence and a $1 million penalty for people convicted of trafficking substances that resemble candy in an effort to address the ongoing fentanyl crisis plaguing Florida and other states across the country.

DeSantis is also proposing to strengthen Florida’s bail laws by limiting who is eligible for release prior to first appearance and requiring a detention hearing be held prior to trial for violent crimes. In addition, he wants to create a uniform bond schedule that all state courts must follow. To further support law enforcement efforts in interdicting illicit substances, he is dedicating $5 million in the upcoming budget recommendations to continue the successful interdictions by the strike force announced last year.

Attorney General Ashley Moody has responded to DeSantis’ proposals with full support, saying that Florida is going in the opposite direction of “woke states” that are going soft on crime. Moody has thanked DeSantis for taking a firm stance and implementing safety measures to ensure that Florida is the best place to pursue the American dream.

The proposals put forth by Governor Ron DeSantis seek to protect citizens, keep violent criminals behind bars, and strengthen laws. The comprehensive plan will help make Florida a safer and more secure place for its citizens and will keep it a beacon of hope for all those looking to pursue the American dream.

It is clear that DeSantis' actions are unwavering in their commitment to public safety. He has set an example of what a state should do when it comes down to preserving justice and providing security to its citizens. With his proposals, Florida is sure to become a leader in public safety and law enforcement for years to come.

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