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All Eyes on Alex Stein

The lines between reality and fiction have been blurred, and further blurred by comedian Alex Stein, who isn't afraid to jam the absurdities of our culture in our face for a laugh.

I hate to admit that I only discovered Alex Stein's material after he trolled Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but, boy, am I glad I did. Stein's comedy is exactly what the world needs in a world starving so badly for content that the outside world often seems more interesting than what the best writers in Hollywood are producing for the big screen.

You have all seen the clip: Alex Stein calls AOC his favorite "big booty Latina" while she's walking up the steps to the Capitol. Cortez seems almost flattered by the compliment, even offering to take a selfie with Stein while she was allegedly rushing to an important vote. She later revealed that Stein's bit further proves that the Capitol Police were part of an inside job on January 6th.

A deeper dive into Prime Time 99's material reveals that he is an artist who is unafraid to blur the lines of reality. While one could argue that Jim Carrey embodied the late comedian Andy Kaufman, Alex Stein is Kaufman's reincarnation. If you had to choose two words that start with the same letter to describe Stein's material, I would suggest "absolutely absurd," but in a good way.

Let me explain.

We are currently living in a world where absurdity has become the new norm. We no longer know if somebody is joking, if they are mentally ill, or if they have just bought into the propaganda forced down our throats by woke corporations, pandering politicians, and the mainstream media. We were forced to live under a rock for the past two years and accept the "New Normal" as if it has been a routine part of our daily lives.

Alex Stein refuses to accept the "New Normal" without question, but he has no problem pretending to accept pseudo-realities as part of reducing certain arguments down to absurdity. In one of his bits, he dresses up as a female swimmer by the name of Alexandria Stein and demands access to the women's locker room at a public council meeting.

Why don't these government officials just shut him down and stop tolerating his nonsense? Well, it might cost them their political careers. Denying the transgender agenda equates to denying the Holocaust in this day and age.

Our world is packed with absurdities, and Stein's comedy focuses on "culture jamming." Culture jamming is a way of illuminating absurdities and forcing an audience to question the national narrative that appears to be universally accepted by all. The average person isn't on board with the "New Normal," and that's exactly why Stein's comedy works.

Unfortunately, Stein received a lot of bad press from both liberals and conservatives for his stunt at the Capitol involving AOC, who are ignoring the importance of his style of comedy. AOC called for protestors to make public officials uncomfortable. Prime Time 99 simply responded to her request.

Unlike other conservative outlets, The Washington Wick refuses to virtue signal and call foul to Alex Stein's play. Nobody was injured in the making of his clip. While his language may not be music to our ears, his message is loud and clear.

You have every right to be offended, just as we have every right to call out absurdities in our culture. Politicians like AOC see no issue with a Justice of the Supreme Court being targeted by abortionists who have no regard for human life but make multiple videos regarding an interaction with a troll at the Capitol.

Maybe after all of this is said and done, AOC will learn to pick her battles. However, I am happy that she made a mountain out of this molehill, or I may have never been introduced to the great Prime Time 99.

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- Chadwick Dolgos

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