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Ditch the Masks: The Pandemic is Over

Open your eyes, America: the pandemic is finally over. It's time to ditch the masks and get back to life as we knew it. Democrats all across the country are dropping their COVID-19 restrictions as midterm elections approach. We will not forget.

I can understand why many are convinced to get vaccinated against COVID-19. While I’m not, I am aware that many people have yet to rid themselves of faith in political institutions and bought into their fear propaganda echoed by the mainstream media. Hundreds of thousands of people died as a result of COVID-19, according to mainstream media sources. The highly infectious virus was expected to claim more lives than that, explaining why we shut down our entire economy in March, 2020.

Who I can’t understand are the people who still support mask mandates or are still personally wearing masks. It has been abundantly clear for over a year that wearing a piece of cloth on your face causes more harm than does good. Constantly breathing in the same bacteria that you’re breathing out will never prove to be good for the lungs, for example.

In fact, cloth masks hardly slow the spread of infection. If you weren’t wearing an N95 mask or better, you’re doing nothing more than virtue signaling with a piece of designer cloth on your face. So why do people continue to wear masks? This is a loaded question, but I have some theories.

The masks serve as a symbol of loyalty to the Democratic party, the woke mob, and the downfall of our free country. You can almost be certain what party one is loyal to if they are still wearing a mask in 2022. People who voted for Donald Trump in 2020 ditched their masks a year ago or earlier, or they never wore them in the first place. People who will likely vote for whatever candidate the Democrats prop up in 2024 not only still wear their masks, but they want to enforce mask mandates.

Democrats in Washington, DC are furious that Mayor Muriel Bowser announced that the district is lifting their mask mandates starting March 1. While she is obviously only doing so to give the Democratic party a fighting chance in the upcoming midterms, her actions are based on science. The masks that most of us have worn for the past two years do not work. It turns out that the virus that was hyped by the mainstream wasn’t nearly as deadly as earlier predicted.

There are Democrats who want children in schools to be forced to wear masks, despite the evidence showing that these mandates have done more harm than good. Do they really believe that children would be safer and more protected from a virus that has proven to not be deadly to their age group? While I hope this would be the case, I’d argue that forcing children to wear masks in schools is part of their conditioning to grow up and be loyal Democratic supporters.

As somebody who has argued to preserve the free speech principles for the past decade, it’s hard to not draw a comparison between our mouth being forcefully covered by the government and this insane effort by the woke mob to silence anyone who deviates from the dictated script in regards to the COVID-19 narrative. They went from “White silence is violence” to trying to censor every white person with a unique perspective.

A year ago, calling cloth masks ineffective was grounds to get you a strike on liberal social media platforms like Twitter. Making claims that masks cause damage to your lungs when worn for long periods of time, day after day, were “fact-checked” and tagged as misinformation. While the woke corporations, celebrities, and the Biden administration have done everything in their power to endorse the use of masks, the American people remain unconvinced thanks to our ability to access real world data.

The masks symbolize obedience. Those who willingly wore their masks during the early days of the pandemic posted photos on social media encouraging others to do the same. People who refused to wear masks were labeled as radicals, terrorist, and inhuman. We were encouraged to “do our part,” despite the fact that doing our part did nothing at all.

It’s time to ditch the masks and start showing our faces. When celebrities who have profited handsomely from this pandemic are not wearing masks in stadiums filled with tens of thousands of people, it’s clear that the pandemic as we knew it is over. It’s time to move on. Any emotional attachment you have to your cloth mask needs to be addressed. It’s time for us to start living our lives.

We are back to normal, America.

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