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How Dangerous is Social Media to our Republic?

Social media platforms are becoming an ever-increasing threat to liberty and freedom for the next generation of Americans. They have quickly become the most pervasive form of entertainment, but in reality, they are much more than that: they are intrusions into our daily lives that seek to take away our privacy and control what information we receive.

The recently released Twitter Files have exposed a shocking and dangerous partnership between social media platforms like Twitter and government organizations. This alliance is nothing short of an attempt to control the beliefs of citizens around the country. Through this cooperation, governments are able to censor voices they find uncomfortable or inconvenient - masking their actions as part of the fight against "hate speech."

I am deeply troubled by the recent reports that recently reelected Congressman Adam Schiff attempted to silence journalist Paul Sperry for simply not agreeing with his political views. This is an egregious violation of our fundamental right to free speech, and it sends a clear signal that the establishment will punish any voice that questions or challenges its authority. We must stand up and say no to this kind of censorship. We must protect our right to express our opinions and hold those in power accountable for their words and actions. The freedom of the press is essential to a free, open, and vibrant representative Republic. It should never be surrendered or compromised.

These social media sites have become a platform for people to share their lives and their thoughts to attract attention. Today's social media world has created a generation of people who have become addicted to exploiting the victim mentality for reactions on their online platforms. This narcissistic behavior is damaging, as it perpetuates an unhealthy cycle of poor mental health in vulnerable individuals.

When someone posts about a traumatic incident or experience, they often receive an outpouring of sympathy, understanding, and emotional support. As the victim receives all of this attention, they will be incentivized to post even more about their personal struggles in order to garner even more sympathy, creating a damaging cycle of seeking validation through others’ reactions online.

The need for outside approval is often rooted in deeper mental health issues such as low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety. Unchecked, this behavior can lead to an increasingly destructive cycle of seeking attention from others online as a way to combat feelings of worthlessness or other psychological struggles.

What's more, the constant bombardment of negative emotions that occurs when engaging in this type of behavior often leads to further mental health issues such as substance abuse, suicidal ideation, and depression.

Young people aresciously being exposed to a constant stream of advertisements, peer pressure, and fake news that can influence their decisions in life. And the invasion of our privacy doesn’t stop there: we have now become targets for data mining and manipulation by corporations who want to make money off of our private information.

We must recognize the threat that social media platforms pose to the next generation of Americans, and urge people to regulate their use. If we can accomplish this, then maybe the next generation of Americans will be able to enjoy true liberty and prosperity with all their freedoms intact.

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