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I Stand With Canada's Freedom Truckers

The mainstream media wants nothing more than to discredit the truckers demanding freedom in Canada. These men and women are not the villains; they're the heroes of this story. Tyrant Trudeau will go down in history for his infamous attempt to become the dictator of Canada.

Canada’s Freedom Convoy should serve as an inspiration for anyone who agrees that the role of government is not to dictate every facet of our lives. These truckers, many of which have followed Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical COVID mandates, are standing up against their oppressors and demanding that their inalienable rights be respected. They are putting their livelihoods on the line for a better future for Canada. Instead of praising their efforts, American journalists and corrupt politicians are portraying the truckers’ efforts negatively, in an effort to discredit the convoy.

As Americans, we should be embarrassed that we didn’t come up with the Freedom Convoy first. While there are credible rumors that one is set to take off on March 1 from California and travel to Washington DC, it’s fair to say this wasn’t an “original” idea.

Canada’s federal government has more authority than ours here in the United States. Thanks to our Bill of Rights, rights are reserved to individuals and the states, not necessarily in that order. Our system of checks and balances prevents Joe Biden from becoming the dictator Trudeau so desperately wants to become. However, our President did extend the powers of the federal government during his first year in office.

While his mandate requiring employers with 100 employees or more to require the vaccine failed, his executive order requiring healthcare workers to be vaccinated was upheld by the Supreme Court. In fact, Biden loves to use and abuse executive orders. It’s the only way he can advance his radical agenda. As of February 18, he has signed 80 executive orders. In comparison, Donald Trump only signed 58 executive orders during his first year as President.

Congress is the largest branch of the federal government by design. It is here that our voices are best represented. Biden knew that a majority of Americans would not support forcing people out of work during a government-declared pandemic, so he by-passed Congress and did exactly what a dictator would do; he justified his actions by his executive powers.

Biden’s party has a majority in the House of Representatives and an even split in the Senate, with Vice President Kamala Harris serving as the tie-breaking vote. If his policies were as popular as he apparently is – receiving 81 million votes, more votes than any presidential candidate in our nation’s history – then he should have no problem gaining support from members of Congress. Instead, Biden demands authority and refuses to work with the people that elected him to the White House in the first place.

Trudeau is more open about his movement to become Canada's dictator. During a public appearance, he remarked how well China is doing under their communist dictator, and that he was somewhat envious of their ability to get things done. While communism has historically failed and continues to fail China, leaders like Trudeau and Biden are open to the idea of integrating the ideology into American culture.

I stand with the Canadian Freedom Truckers because, like them, I have reached my breaking point. The federal government does not have the power they continue to exercise, but we’re doing nothing to stop them. The truckers in Canada refused to stand by. They used the only resources they had and are demanding change.

Our liberty and ability to live freely are far more important than any goal set by the government. They have had two years to slow the spread, and their efforts proved to be unsuccessful. Even masks were scientifically shown to be ineffective. Government efforts fail because decisions are based on popular dissent. When it comes to public health, we should have real experts who understand the science and refrain from playing politics. Anthony Fauci admitted early on that some of what he said was influenced by the public. This is a despicable admission, but it’s the world we live in today.

We’re all Americans, regardless of our vaccination status. We have inalienable rights that cannot be stripped away from us by the government, even in times of emergency. We should all be out in the streets protesting these unconstitutional, inhumane mandates. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or a Republican, we’re all fighting for the same country. Our country would be much better if we united in support of our freedom.

Did you like this article? Consider taking the pledge to support the principles of free speech. Our right to speak freely is currently under attack by corrupt politicians, woke corporations, and industry plants. We must take a stand to protect the marketplace of ideas.

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