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Increased Gun Control is Dishonest

The recent mass shootings in California are a tragedy, and the only thing that Democrats seem to ever offer as a solution is more gun control. However, the simple truth is that law-abiding citizens do not carry out these horrific acts, and gun control laws will do nothing but target those who already follow the law.

We need real solutions to this problem, and these solutions lie in private-sector investments. We need to see more investment in mental health management, both from big tech companies like Facebook and Instagram, which have been linked to depression amongst teens, as well as from mainstream media outlets that capitalize on our fear. These are organizations that ultimately shape our society’s values through the way they present stories.

We should also see our government take a step back and allow individuals to freely pursue happiness. We need to see more value placed on life, rather than the current acceptance of abortion as health care. Allowing this to be the norm devalues human life and causes an even deeper rift in our society.

Investing in real solutions is the only way to prevent future mass shootings from happening. This means that any effort to increase gun control should be seen as a dishonest solution, and will ultimately do more harm than good for our society as a whole.

The truth is that more gun control only serves to further disarm law-abiding citizens while leaving criminals free to carry out their heinous acts with little consequence. Restrictive gun control laws will not stop mass shooters and other criminals from getting access to firearms illegally --- all it does is restrict the rights of innocent citizens who use guns for protection or recreation.

Not only is restrictive gun control ineffective, but it also creates an environment that allows criminals to carry out their acts without interference from law-abiding citizens. This makes it easier for criminals to commit these heinous acts, and more difficult for victims to protect themselves. It is clear that increased gun control does nothing to reduce crime or prevent mass shootings --- instead, it serves only to disarm those who follow the law.

Private-sector investments are key in developing effective solutions that lead to less violence amongst our citizens. It’s time to take action and make these investments before any more innocent lives are lost due to unnecessary violence.

Ultimately, gun control is not the answer --- it's simply a band-aid for a much larger problem. We need real solutions that effectively address these tragedies' root causes. Private-sector investments are the only way that we can make real, lasting change and ensure a safer future for everyone.

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