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Navy Chief

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I talk about being a Chief in the Navy often, so I wanted to explain exactly what that means. It's different than any other Branch of Service.

You don't just "make" the rank of Chief Petty Officer, it's a combination of events and is based on everything you've accomplished since the day you entered the Navy.

To be "appointed" a Chief, you first have to PROVE yourself for many years as a squared away sailor becoming an expert in your field as well as other areas of shipboard life and leadership.

You must advance through the lower ranks and pass tests as well as meet requirements like time in service, time in rank, all accompanied by a recommendation from your Commanding Officer. All of your annual evaluation reports and qualifications are also taken into account.

After you qualify and take the test measuring your knowledge in many areas, there is a minimum score you must obtain before moving to the next step in the process.

When you pass the exam, your entire record is then sent to a selection board, full of Senior and Master Chief's from all over the Navy, located in Washington D.C.

Every record is reviewed and discussed among those experts. They know what to look for to select the best people. Not everybody gets advanced for one reason or another.

When I was selected, I was the only one on my ship to be advanced. I was selected after eight years at the age of 25. This was unheard of back then and proved my effectiveness, knowledge and leadership capabilities.

However, I worked extremely hard and obtained many qualifications that enlisted members never reached for. I also took on many collateral duties that I tackled with professionalism and the knowledge to complete.

Once you are selected as a Chief, your whole world is turned upside down (in a good way). There was a two month "initiation" phase, a complete change in uniform (from blues to khaki), a new place to eat (Chiefs' Mess) and sleep (Chiefs' Quarters). Instead of stripes on most uniforms, you now wear collar devices. (an anchor).

You are now a Senior Enlisted Manager. Your role changes greatly and you are counted on for your knowledge, critical thinking and leadership skills.

I've held positions and stood watches that only Officers qualify to hold. From Leading Chief to Department Head, I did it all. I've sat on numerous qualification boards, Qualified for Officer of the Deck Underway on two ships, briefed Admirals, Captains and Officers regularly on our transits and before every port visit or departure.

The Chief is a respected rank and responsible for many sailors and duties. We are often referred to as "The Backbone of the Navy." I was a highly respected Chief throughout my career and I consider Chiefs the "Congress members" of the Navy.

Being ranked as the #1 Chief aboard two ships by three different Captains was a true honor.

My Naval career, business and life experiences have prepared me COMPLETELY to serve as your Congressman.

I will work as hard for you as I did in the Navy and my life. This is my promise to you as a Chief ! Once a Chief, always a Chief.

I hope this helps anybody that was wondering what being or becoming a Chief entailed.

I hope to receive your vote in November!

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