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Standing for My Craft

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

I'm a little tired of the Tattoo Industry being put down time and time again, especially by people who aren't in the know, during this pandemic.

Newscasters, talk-show hosts and those who never stepped foot in a professional studio need to spare us their judgement.

In my 56 years of life and world travels, I've found that the majority of Tattoo Artists and heavily tattooed people are without a doubt, some of the NICEST, KINDEST and GIVING people on EARTH!

Not only are we judged instantly due to our appearance, but we are often thought of by many as less than desirable. In reality, it's quite the contrary.

Tattoo Artists work long hours (often designing artwork at home for clients), are constantly asked to do things for LESS than we ask, and sometimes are called upon to be miracle workers for your past mistakes.

Some think we are just waiting for them to call so we can hook 'em up on the cheap or "practice" on them. WE are professionals, not basement hacks without standards, and we demand to be treated as such.

We've been trained and understand bloodborne and airborne pathogens, cross contamination and sterilization procedures. We also practice proper safety precautions better than most doctors and our studios reflect the cleanliness hospitals wish they could achieve.

Over the past 26 years, I've watched them donate their time (what little they have), money and works of art to special causes all over the world. I've seen them cut breaks for people with certain circumstances and make it about the artwork (instead of money) more times than I can count, often leaving them personally short on cash.

The people that make up all aspects of this industry are amazing. Rarely seeking recognition for their good deeds, many are coaches, mentors and volunteers that help within the community.

We all have families and people that depend on us from ALL walks of life and are ESSENTIAL to so many. So watch how you define that word because you don't have a clue.

Most of us are sub-contractors and OWE taxes every year, so we take our time when filing. As a result, many will go without a stimulus check. We never asked for handouts before and didn't think the Government would make unconstitutional orders to shut us down, but here we are.

Being in that category, we usually don't qualify for any type of unemployment or business loans. So during this extremely unusual time, we are without relief of any kind.

We are a strong breed though and pull through even the toughest of times. However, this is different because it's out of our control, or is it? I believe we should open up regardless of the lawless orders. The Government has overstepped their bounds and it's time for us to take back control.

For those spewing uneducated judgement in our direction and telling us we're NON essential, you've probably never done anything for somebody else without expecting something in return. So keep your baseless opinions to yourself.

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