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Thank You, The Washington Times

The term ‘misinformation’ has become synonymous with any content that questions, disagrees, or exposes the national narrative.

-Chadwick Dolgos

Happy free speech Friday to everyone except for those who still, to this day, believe society would be better off with half of its participants muzzled. This has been quite the week for my free speech movement. By now, you probably have already read my post published in The Washington Times. If not, please check it out here.

I was starting to lose hope. Rather than being inspired and motivated by a human rights movement, you all seem agitated and tired. After The Washington Times picked up my most recently penned OP-Ed, I regained momentum. It’s not easy getting libertarian views published in a national news source, even despite The Washington Times being considered a right-leaning newspaper. I have submitted OP-Eds to a number of other outlets, including the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and a number of other major publications, and they have all rejected my submissions.

This is the second piece that I have published in The Washington Times. The first piece was originally intended for another publication and focuses on the attacks on the free speech principles, specifically during the 2020 election. It was initially accepted by the other publication, but the decision was reversed without explanation the following day after the events at the US Capitol on Jan. 6. Unsure of where to send it next, I was fortunate enough to find a contact at The Washington Times who was interested in my work and I was able to get the OP-Ed published five days later.

I don’t do this for the money and fame, evidenced by the fact that there is no money or fame in what I do. Opinion writers are rarely compensated for their contributions to major media outlets, and the work I do goes wildly unappreciated due to the content I’m producing. I’m doing all of this because I truly believe society is gone without the free speech principles. This division that we’re currently experiencing only gets worse the more people try to silence their opposition. The feeling of oppression resulting from censorship is going to burst into violence, and we should be preventing violence at all costs if we truly care about protecting one another.

I want to sincerely thank The Washington Times for publishing my piece. There are plenty of writers interested in the topic of free speech, and I am honored that my submission was selected out of many. Publicity is a major part of any movement, and the Times allowed me to illustrate that the fight to preserve the free speech principles is still ongoing, regardless if the mainstream media chooses to ignore it. We the people are growing agitated and tired of our human rights being trampled on for corporate virtue signaling.

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