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Ye Challenges Cancel Culture and #MeToo Movement

When I sit next to Marilyn Manson and DaBaby right after both of them got canceled for five songs, it’s like, they can’t cancel us all.”


Rapper and producer Kanye West said he hopes he gets cancelled during an interview with Revolt TV’s Drink Champs. During the interview, Ye stated that he is above cancel culture and implied that he will work with artists who have been targeted by the woke mob. The singer and song-writer didn’t stop there, however. He attacked the #MeToo movement for equating “a hug” to someone being “pulled in alleys against their will.”

On his record, DONDA, West featured rock & roll artist Marilyn Manson on the track Jail pt. 2. Earlier in 2021, 15 women came out accusing the musician of sexual abuse. Manson denies the allegations with multiple lawsuits currently underway. Manson, who’s real name is Brain Warner, was also accused by his ex-girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline of sex trafficking, cutting her ribs while they had sex, and raping her on multiple occasions.

Manson is not the only controversial artists featured on the album, or the track, for that matter. DaBaby, who received his cancellation from the LGBTQ+ community after “homophobic” comments he made at Rolling Loud Miami in July. The North Carolina rapper has since been forgiven by Relationship Unleashed, whose spokeswoman told TMZ that DaBaby has come a long way since his remarks. Regardless of his growth, he will still be required to walk on eggshells if he wishes to continue profiting from the public. Any deviation from the national narrative will destroy his career forever. Rarely is anyone granted a second chance.

Ye is no stranger to controversy, is essentially challenging the mob to take him on. Despite outrage from a vocal minority, DONDA performed exceptionally well across streaming services. Who would have ever guessed that controversy, when controversy is viewed as heresy, sells records.

The rapper also hasn’t dropped his support for former President Donald Trump and still wears his red hat to this day. Ye even attempted his own unsuccessful run for office, and took shots at Big Sean and John Legend for not supporting his political aspirations during the interview. Why West’s career can certainly be classified as controversial, there’s no denying that he has been very successful on his quest. Honesty and free speech win over people’s hearts. Even if they disagree with you, you gain their trust when you stand by what you believe.

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