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Parler Plans to Maximize Free Speech

Parler, the social network founded in 2018 as a free speech alternative to Twitter, is making a comeback under new ownership. Ryan Coyne has plans to bring back Parler with a focus on expanding free speech.

Coyne intends to create an assortment of new features to serve those who have been censored by Big Tech. He wants to maximize free speech on the platform and provide a space for people to express themselves without fear of being silenced. Coyne has shut down the platform for a rebuild but has not provided a release date, stating that the platform will go up once there is a viable business plan.

In his interview with the Washington Examiner, Coyne emphasized that the DNA of Parler's technology is "lifting up and allowing a voice for those that are silenced, giving them an opportunity to maximize their First Amendment Rights." He hopes to create additional value for content creators and ensure users have greater access to their First Amendment rights.

Coyne is exploring options to replicate localized community building, similar to Mastodon, and Facebook Groups. He has also expressed interest in creating a space for free speech on the platform, where people can express dissenting views without fear of being canceled.

The importance of free speech has grown significantly in recent times, as Big Tech censorship, mainstream media propaganda, and the establishment's refusal to respect our Constitutional rights have contributed to the demonization of free speech as a threat to our constitutional republic. The ongoing movement to silence dissent has interfered with the marketplace of ideas, and we're creating a society based on lies rather than best practices.

In order to restore the principles of free speech back into our national dialogue, we must prove that the power of the people is unassailable. Encouraging people to speak up is crucial, and dissenting voices must be allowed to express themselves freely without fear of being silenced. Parler's plan to focus on maximizing free speech on the platform is a step in the right direction. It provides a space for people who have been silenced by Big Tech to express themselves freely and engage in open and honest debate.

Coyne is taking a bold step in focusing on expanding free speech on the platform. As the importance of free speech continues to grow, it is essential to create spaces where people can express themselves freely without fear of being silenced. Coyne's plans for the platform are still uncertain, but his focus on providing a space for free speech is a step in the right direction. We must continue to defend free speech as a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment and ensure that dissenting voices are not silenced in our national dialogue. Show your support for the principles of free speech and stand with Freedom Writers by signing our petition today:

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